15 Signs You Have An Advanced Soul

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Advanced souls are people who have become enlightened and work to be aligned with the source on a deeper level. These people are called everything from old souls to higher beings.

When it comes to spotting an advanced soul or checking in to see if you happen to be one, it is a fairly simple process. You see, advanced souls possess characteristics that set them apart from everyone else and they can manifest themselves in ways we would never dream of. Below you will find a list of things that may point to you being an advanced soul. Sure, you may have some of these, but if you have them all you’re without a doubt an advanced soul.

1. You love with all that you are.
You allow your intuition to guide you. Love is something that often finds you even when you are not looking. You can use this to your advantage.

2. You connect with animals.
Nothing beats fresh air. Animals are drawn to advanced souls. Do you find yourself surrounded by life?

3. You need to be in nature when possible.
You like to spend time in nature. Nature is where you feel the most at home. Nothing can compare to the feeling of fresh dirt under your toes.

4. You look younger than you are.
People always tell you that you do not look your age. This is most likely because your soul has aged much further than your body. People will pick up on the way that you carry yourself.

5. You are not materialistic.
Things come and go people are a little more permanent. When you have access to your hearts desire you will learn that you do not desire what you thought you did. Advanced souls do not need to have the newest smartphone or the best clothes.

6. You love your alone time.
You enjoy spending time alone. There is nothing like unwinding and relaxing with yourself after a long and stressful day. While spending time with people is necessary it doesn’t have to happen all the time. You are a fan of quiet and with friends and family around quiet is not easily achieved.

7. You only believe in what is and not what has been.
You do not obsess over the past. You are one of a kind and live in the here and now. You only believe the truth.

8. You are not ashamed of who you are physically.
You have come to terms with your body and are content. There is no positive or negative. You are who you are.

9. You believe in the connectedness of all things.
Everything is connected. We are all energy and the very thing that sets us apart from one another draws us back together. We are one.

10. You are sincere.
You will not lie to someone else over a petty situation. You talk everything through and make sure that the conclusion you come up with is good for all parties involved. If you say something you mean it.

11. Your gaze is penetrating.
You seem to stare into the souls of everyone whose eyes meet yours. You’re gaze while scary is also inviting and doesn’t run people off who truly need you. This is one of your greatest attributes.

12. You have a comforting touch.
People often turn to you for comfort. You are soft and warm. Your touch is open and makes everyone feel as if the world is melting away.

13. Your voice is soothing and gentle.
Your voice is able to calm anyone. People often come to you for advice and others enjoy hearing you speak. Has anyone ever told you they could listen to you talk for hours?

14. You are not loud, ever.
You choose to live a quieter life. Monks often do this to maintain themselves. You still have a deep aura. However, being quiet can also come off as intimidating to some.

15.You know where you are headed in life.
Being sure as to where you need to go in life from here is frustrating for most but you have it all figured out. You want to maintain a full life in the best ways you can. While other people your age haven’t considered their futures yet yours is all planned out.

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