Emotional Baggage: The Next Frontier

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How many times have you heard someone use the phrase “emotional baggage” in reference to another person? And what is emotional baggage, anyway? Is it real? And if so, can we do anything about it? Modern medicine has recently made some striking discoveries about how to manipulate and even reduce the emotional charge attached to memories, at least in mice. The funny thing is, rather than using exotic and expensive tools such as Xenon gas and lasers, the energy healing community has been removing emotional baggage very effectively for years now, using nothing more complicated than a refrigerator magnet!
At McLean Hospital in Virginia, scientists found that mice who are simultaneously exposed to Xenon gas seem to “forget” the feelings of fear created when they receive foot shocks. Another study that recently appeared in the journal Nature showed that neural connections that trigger specific emotions such as fear can be replaced or overridden by new, more positive neural connections, even while feeling the negative emotion. While these studies are definitely breaking new ground and may add to our knowledge of the human brain, energy medicine has been racing ahead with simple and effective methods of removing emotional baggage.
The Emotion Code is a remarkably simple healing method that is rapidly becoming accepted as the “gold standard” in a new field that is often referred to as “energy psychology.”
We know from quantum physics that your body is ultimately nothing but a very complex energy field. When you are feeling a very strong negative emotion such as anger, grief or resentment, you are actually experiencing a precise frequency of vibrational energy that is unique to that emotion. If this emotional vibration is powerful enough, it may prove to be too much for the physical body, and part of this energy may become “trapped” in your body. We refer to this as a “Trapped Emotion,” and have found that this is actually what your “emotional baggage” consists of.”
Using a form of biofeedback known as muscle-testing, The Emotion Code method consists of asking a series of simple questions that are designed to quickly uncover the exact emotion that has become trapped. We rely completely on the subconscious mind to give us the answers about what our emotional baggage actually is. Consciously, we know very little about what emotions we may be harboring, but the subconscious mind is fully aware of all you have been through and knows precisely what your emotional baggage is.
One of the best examples of how The Emotion Code can free you from your emotional baggage came to me when I was in practice many years ago. I was treating a patient and discovered that she had a trapped emotion of resentment. By asking questions and muscle-testing her subconscious minds responses, I discovered that this particular emotion – resentment – had become trapped in her body during the time she was in high school, around age 18. I was surprised when she said, “I know exactly what that’s about.” Really? I replied. “The resentment is about a cheerleader that I knew in high school. I really resented her then. The funny thing is, even though 20 years have passed since high school, if my thoughts ever stray to my high school days and I think about her, I can feel the waves of resentment welling up inside of me. I really disliked her. But I find it strange that I still have these strong feelings after all these years.”
I released the trapped emotion of resentment and she left my office. When I saw her again two days later, she exclaimed, “That really worked! Last night an old friend of mine and I were reminiscing about the old days, and that girl’s name came up. For the first time in 20 years, I felt… Nothing! It’s not that my memories of her have been erased, but I just don’t feel the resentment anymore!”
Our website, HealersLibrary.com is replete with stories of people who have experienced the dramatic effects that often occur when emotional baggage is released.
One example is from an Emotion Code Practitioner from Australia, who wrote:
A client of mine, let’s call him S to protect his identity, suffered from fear of heights. When he was 4 years old his father put him on top of the fridge and told him to jump, and that he would catch him. Well, S jumped but the father did not catch him and his words were, “This is to teach you never to trust anyone, not even your father.”
I worked on him in person and he visited me at our home, which is on an island. Unbeknownst to me, in the beginning when crossing the bridge he had to concentrate and look only straight ahead. One day, after our first session, he said, “Wow, I did not know that bridge was so beautiful and the river was just magic.” After 4 sessions his fear got better and this is what he sent to me:
“Great news! As you know Hindmarsh Island Bridge is a breeze for me to cross now, but today I was able to stand on an A frame ladder, with my shoes SIX FEET above the ground. Unbelievable, Wow!! I had no symptoms of fear or nervousness. Normally I am so weak in the legs that I have to get down as I can’t stand. Feeling faint, visions of me falling and hurting myself, memories of my father’s cruel act; it has all gone! And I can’t thank you enough, I haven’t felt this way all over and all inside for a long long time. The highest I could go was a meter and that was bad enough.
“I lost count of how many times I went up that ladder, as I couldn’t believe it, and had to keep testing myself out (must have been a lot, my leg muscles are sore). I really felt good up there, like all the baggage is starting to drop off the shoulders, a great feeling! Once again, a big thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Helga Campbell ~ Goolwa, South Australia
The Emotion Code also works beautifully with animals! Here’s a story from another Emotion Code Practitioner:
I performed a session on a 2 year old dog who was very aggressive. His owner could not take him with her anywhere because he was so aggressive with other people, even just people passing by. She had tried a lot of different things for this, including taking him to a trainer, but nothing seemed to help.
I received this from the owner after only one session, “His behavior is more focused and responsive, he wants a lot of affection today. He saw a man in a parked truck on our walk and showed NO aggression at all, no fear. A girl passed us and commented on what a beautiful dog he was and Jasper showed no fear there either. Many, many thanks… You don’t know what a profound change this is, or maybe you do!”
Debbie Barcon ~ Show Low, Arizona
The Emotion Code is easy to understand, simple to use, and often quite breathtaking in it’s powerful ability to free us from our emotional baggage.
For more information, visit DrBradleyNelson.com. To obtain a free copy of The Emotion Code eBook, visitwww.EmotionCodeGift.com


Five Things You Should Know to Use The Emotion Code Correctly

  1. Trapped Emotions are identified individually and released one at a time, not in groups or bundles. Every trapped emotional energy is significant in your life. Each one has had an impact on you in some way or another. Each comes from a specific time or event that was experienced either by you or someone else that you inherited or absorbed the energy from. These energies affect us in a variety of ways and create challenges, problems and pains of all sorts, both physical and emotional. Whatever their origin, they certainly can make an impact on your life. There are times when trapped emotions can be excruciating, like the time when we were first discovering them. I had a pain that hurt so much that I literally bolted from a meeting and went straight home to collapse on the floor! When significant pain like that is present, you might find trapped emotions nested in the area of pain, like we found in my energy field. My trapped emotions were all nested together in my ovary.
  2. To release the pain, each trapped emotion had to be identified as a single and separate energy. To continue with my story, we asked for some help from above with a short, sincere prayer. We were then able to identify each emotion and identify when it had become trapped. A few more questions helped us to know who was involved in each event because I needed to know, in this case. We released each distinct energy as we found it and confirmed each release to make sure we had been successful. As we released each trapped emotion one by one, my pain level decreased with each one until it was all gone. Did the awareness of these past events speak to me? I believe each emotional energy was there to bring a heightened sense of awareness to me. Each one needed to be recognized, inquired about, cleared, and confirmed as having been cleared before moving on to ask about the others that might be there.
  3. The Emotion Code is a very precise method. First, we recognize God and ask for his help. Then we muscle test to identify the trapped emotion using the Chart of Emotions. Next we ask if anything else needs to be discovered before releasing the emotion. If the answer is yes, we get more details about what happened when the emotion was trapped, like the age of the person at the time, if the emotion was absorbed, inherited or their own, what the event was, etc. If nothing else needs to be discovered we release the emotion by swiping a magnet along the Governing Meridian 3 times, unless it is an inherited emotion. In that case, we swipe the magnet 10 times. We always check to confirm that the energy is gone afterwards. It works very well when the protocol is followed correctly. We do not recommend mixing modalities or adding your own style when you are doing the Emotion Code. It works so well just the way it is! We don’t believe that there are any short cuts that will improve this or make it any faster. It only takes a minute or two to identify a trapped emotion so you can usually get out of pain or solve an issue in pretty short order, even when there are several emotions that need to be released in a session.
  4. It is important to let the body tell you how much Emotion Code work to do in a session. Most of the time you will find that you can identify and release about five to ten trapped emotions in a twenty minute session. This is typical, but sometimes you may find that your body will only allow you to release two or three emotions in a session, and that’s okay. Trust the wisdom of the body! As you are working along, finding and releasing trapped emotions, if you suddenly run into difficulty testing and everything you test is weak, you might need to check yourself with a baseline test. See if you can get a strong muscle response on a true or congruent statement. When you have released all your body can release in a session, usually you will lose the ability to be tested momentarily because your body is processing and is in a state of overload. When that happens, you are done for the time being, until the next session generally.
  5. The body needs a few days to process trapped emotions after they are released. This is a healing time, when you may feel some side-effects of processing the emotions that were just released. Most of the time, processing is pretty mild and isn’t really noticed. You’ll usually feel lighter and less burdened. Other times you may feel some negative symptoms from processing. You may feel some echoes of the emotions that were released, you may feel tired, you may feel out of sorts emotionally, you may cry or even feel sick. The unpleasant effects don’t typically last for more than a day or two and they are usually very mild. When you work with someone, it is really important to tell them about the possible negative effects of processing, so that they can be prepared and know what they might experience, in case it happens. That way they can know that their session didn’t make them feel worse, but that they are just processing. At the end of a session, you can muscle test to see approximately how much time processing will take, so you can know when you more Emotion Code work can be done.
By Jean Nelson