''It's a miracle what has happened! What I had behind my eye, simply disappeared just by doing an one hour session over the phone. I am so grateful to you, what I feel is so wonderful'' - Mrs Christina T.

''I feel so much lighter, all my swelling is gone! As if all that was weighing me down simply vanished! I don't know what to say, I am speechless! - Mrs Antoniades A.

''What we did, was really incredible. I have never experienced anything like this before. We released so many emotions, that were trapped inside me for so long. Thank you so much! - Mr Patsalides K.

''The Body Code, is so amazing, it had such a wonderful effect on me! It is so accurate and liberating at the same time! - Mrs Christodoulou S.

''What we did the other day, was absolutely wonderful. My Mrs noticed such a big difference on me, when I returned back home, Thank you Adonis'' - Mr Hussain M.

''This is the most wonderful tool , to eliminate totally what holds us back and it is so unbelievably spot on and effective. - Mr Neophytou N.

''The terrible  pain I had on my jaws,simply disappeared in minutes! I am so grateful to you'' - Mrs Panayi M.

''My daughter was not willing to listen to me at all, about taking some herbs for her cold. After you released her trapped emotions over the phone, she became another person. Thank you so much'' - Mrs Milica P./ 

''My pain on my leg was so bad, I could not even go to the toilet or drive a car. It took only a 45 minute session over the phone, and my pain was gone! Thank you! - Mr Angelos A.

''I had terrible uncle pain and did the body code. I cleared the emotions that inbalanced my prostate gland and liver. In 10 minutes the pain was gone! - Mr Adonis E.

''I could not lift things with my hands, due to sever pain. After 45 minutes session I could lift anything I wanted to. It was a miracle! - Mr Christophoros D.

'' I had neck and back problems, so bad, that made me wonder if I wanted to live. In one hour session, all my pains were gone! It was simply amazing! - Mrs Eleni E.

''I could not go to work, I was depressed, I had no reason to live, life was a struggle, I wanted to die, I had pain everywhere and  needed oxygen masks just to breathe. With just two sessions over the phone, I could enjoy life again, my pains were gone, I could go to work and happiness and joy were again a part of my life. I was praying for something to help me for years. This was the answer to my prayers. Thank you so much'' - Mrs Xenia S.

''I was diagnosed with thyroid problem and was given a lot of medication to take. With just four sessions, my thyroid went back to normal, my depression was gone and I can have healthy relationships again in my life!Thank you! - Mrs Loucia C.

''My hand was swollen . After you held my hand for a few minutes, it is not swollen any more. I do not know what you did, but it worked! '' - Mr Saby D.

''After you held my had  and I opened my eyes, I just wanted wanted to smile to the whole world'' - Mrs Eleni E.

''What you did to me, the energy you gave me , was simply incredible. I felt numbness and tingling sensation in all my body'' - Mr George P.

''My child had problematic behaviors at school. After two sessions with me, without even seeing the child, the teachers at school are amazed with the change in his behavior !  -Mr Marios C.

''I had a fear of driving on the highway. After just one session, my fear is gone and I can drive freely now and enjoy it! '' - Mrs Olivia P.

''I had a terrible cold and I was coughing all the time. With your healing touch and massage, I felt perfectly fine, right away! - Mrs Tonia L.

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