I hold two degrees from British Universities, one in Marketing and one in Interior Design. I am using Marketing to promote Health, Joy, Success and Happiness and Interior Design by changing the Interior of people's minds,  perceptions and programs in order to live life at their fullest potential.

 Besides that, my main interests are in the fields of Holistic Health and Wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit, Self Development, Energy Medicine  and Quantum Physics. I am a trained EFT practitioner, releasing emotional traumas from the past, and also have certificates in PSYCH-K (Psychology-Kinesiology) , Pranic Healing and Fire Walking. With PSYCH-K ,you can change limiting, holding back beliefs, that exist in the sub-conscious mind, and replace them with powerful positive ones, and hence change the printout of your life. With the BODY CODE and the EMOTION CODE of Dr Bradley Nelson, we identify in which of the six main areas lies the Inbalance that exists in the body,  and we eliminate it with the use of magnets or simply with the use of hands, that emit electromagnetic energy.

As a matter of fact , 95% of all the problems we encounter are due to trapped emotions, as their energy disrupts the Energy Field of the body. Furthermore, I have studied in depth everything about the Law of Attraction and the Secret, and also did studies in NLP, Faster EFT-NLP , The Healing Codes, The Work, Hooponopono, Quantum Collapse Process, Hypnosis, Meditation, Epigenetics, The Science of Getting Rich, Creative Visualization , Subliminal Programming, Mind Movies, The Power of Now, The Passion Test, the Course In Miracles  Tao Te Ching and Dowsing.

I noticed from a very early age that whatever I do with my hands, has great potential, results and benefits for me and others. Whether that is playing, volleyball, beach rackets, squash, cooking, sewing, painting, ceramics, arts and crafts, energy healing, touching  and massaging.
I have   been intuitively guided to use my hands for energy healing and received a confirmation that this is Atlantean Ancient Healing. I have been given the message that I am a master in that already, and I do not need any more training or formal qualification. You could also call that Quantum Touch, The effects of it are very powerful as the unconditional love  sends waves of energy inside the body of someone, causing them to feel loved, accepted and energised. Using acupressure, I can also press at some trigger points in the body, to release pain, traumas, tension and blockages. A combination of Healing Codes, Pranic Healing, Metamorphique technigue and Reflexology is also incorporated into the healing, giving the best possible outcome, for the receiver.

Through these sessions, I have seen pain gone in minutes, tumors disappear, thyroid problems cease to exist, non stop bleeding stop, insomnia cures, autism symptoms become invincible, colds and coughing healed within an hour and so on. I do not claim to be the healer, because there are cases that nothing can cure somebody who does not want to heal. I m just a catalyst, letting god's energy flow through me and heal people, that deep down in their soul, have a desire to heal.
To claim that I do all these, it would be the same as a television set claiming that it creates all the programs, shows and entertainment inside of it, or a plug claiming that it creates all the electricity that a household needs.

The world we live, unfortunately is controlled and governed by dark , evil entities that want us to live in slavery. My mission, is to help  liberate each and everyone of us, from the bondage, psychic, mental, emotional ,financial, and environmental slavery, they have put upon us, starting with myself of course, and then spreading the light to as many people as possible. So being at service to others, is not just a job for me, it is my mission, my purpose, my goal, basically the reason I exist. We all want to live in a Peaceful Planet, where people can live in love, respect , harmony and where justice will prevail. As Ghandhi said '' Be the change you want to see in the world''.

 I am doing my best everyday for that, with speaking, healing, enlightening, educating, discussing , posting, listening, sharing and most of all , spreading light, love and joy. Abundance is our birthright, it is not just a goal. We can be healthy, wealthy and happy , let's remove all the barriers that hold us back! What is the best time to do that? NOW!