Welcome to this page, you have come here for a reason as we all know and I am deeply honored to have you here.
For centuries we were told that life is about surviving and not much more, that life is a struggle and the most we could do , would to try and stay alive as much as we could. We were advised to play small, to play it safe, to never stand out and follow the herd. Our lives would be much more protected that way, we would not encounter any serious threats and everything would be fine. We were told we should not take any risks, because doing risky things, it is not something a wise person would do. We were told that it is great to give, but not very good to receive. We were programmed to believe that being spiritual, we should never own a lot of money or property , otherwise we would run the risk of being considered evil or greedy. Our conditioning was telling us, that if were rich, we were depriving this money from someone else and that is the reason that so many people die in the world today from hunger. The list goes on and on and on........ it is endless!
Well..... it does not have to be this way. It is absolutely spiritual to be rich, because the more value you create in people's lives, the more the rewards you get. What could be more spiritual, than changing the lives of other people for the better?
If we really want to make a difference in this world, then we have to have the power to make it and we are not going to make much of a difference, if we stay poor. Being Loving, surely it is a gift, but it will not feed millions of starving people, give clothes to the poor or buy medical care to those who need it.
The quickest way to become abundant and feeling fulfillment, contentment and joy, is doing what you love and loving what you do. Because when that happens, everybody wants to be around your energy. When you can not wait to get up in the morning and do what you love, people cannot wait to come to you and receive your service. Your love for what you do in the inside, will be mirrored by the people who want to reach you, on the outside. When you are in that kind of energy, you provide value to people, you inspire them. It is also vastly important to value money as something good and most of all, we have to value ourselves, because if we do not do that, money will be coming through one door and going out through another. It is as simple as that. Money goes away from people who do not value them and go straight to people who value them.
Being wealthy is not only about being rich, but feeling gratitude for what we have in all the other areas of our lives. That kind of feeling, is believed to be the most powerful vibration that exists in the universe today. When you are there, the universe matches that vibration and send you even more things to be grateful about.
So yes, it is all about being in a state of love and gratitude, even for those things that could be considered as challenges. Because without them, we would not have been where we are today. Challenges and Support always come together. It seems that we need both of them in order to grow, not just one or the other. Wisdom is about learning to grow despite of them and using the challenges that we had, as blessings in disguise.
Welcome Light worker, Go on and flourish, the world needs your bright lights! What are you waiting for?