Fascinating New Study Shows How Emotions Are Mapped On The Human Body

emotional body map30th May 2014
By Michael Forrester
Guest Writer for Wake Up World
Emotions coordinate our behavior and physiological states during survival-salient events and pleasurable interactions. Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, such as anger or happiness, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained largely unresolved. Brilliant research by Finnish scientists has mapped the areas of our body that are experiencing an increase or decrease in sensory activity when we experience a particular emotion.
Depending on whether we are happy, sad or angry, we have physiological sensations that are not located in different areas of the body. We overlook this reality from one day to the next (the famous “lump in the breast” generated by anxiety, the feeling of warmth that pervades our face and our cheeks particularly when we feel the shame…), and do not consciously realize how much the location of these body areas activated by our emotions and how they vary considerably depending on the nature of the emotion.
Researchers around the world are slowly integrating research on how our energetic and emotional states cause health and/or disease. How we connect emotionally to our overall wellness and wellbeing may indeed be more relevant than any supplement, food, exercise, medical intervention or health treatment.
Finnish scientists have for the first time mapped areas of the body activated according to each emotion (happiness, sadness, anger, etc). This map was compiled following a study of 700 Finnish, Swedish and Taiwanese volunteers.
They used a topographical self-report tool to reveal that different emotional states are associated with topographically distinct and culturally universal bodily sensations; these sensations could underlie conscious emotional experiences. Monitoring the topography of emotion-triggered bodily sensations brings forth a unique tool for emotion research and could even provide a biomarker for emotional disorders.
Participants were first asked to watch video sequences associated with different emotions and identify parts of their body where they felt an increase or decrease of bodily sensations.
Emotions are often felt in the body, and somatosensory feedback has been proposed to trigger conscious emotional experiences. The resulting map shows that each type of emotion activates a network of specific areas of the body, distinct from those activated by other types of emotions.
Every type of emotion carries a specific unique energy and a different vibrational frequency. All organs, tissues, membranes, glands, cells, vibrate in precise frequencies in the human body and they are all influenced by our emotions.
Different emotions were consistently associated with statistically separable bodily sensation maps across experiments. These maps were concordant across West European and East Asian samples. Statistical classifiers distinguished emotion-specific activation maps accurately, confirming independence of topographies across emotions.
emotional body map - aura - kirilian photography
The body map shows emotions such as anger are mainly active in the chest, the lower part of the face and arms, with particular intensity on the hands. On disgust, it activates the body areas which are mainly concentrated around the mouth and throat. As for love, three areas are concerned, the face, chest and lower abdomen. Finally, happiness is probably the most significant emotion that solicits our enitre body to respond, as the study shows that it generates bodily sensations in all areas, especially on the face and chest.
The body map identifies areas in which the people experienced increased sensory activity when emotion is felt, but also lists the areas that are home to a decrease in sensory activity. Thus, we learn that the emotions associated with depression have the effect of generating a feeling of decline in sensory activity in the arms and legs.
The results obtained by the research show a remarkable consistency in results, suggesting that the mechanisms underlying bodily sensations that we perceive when we experience a particular emotion are likely dictated by energetic patterns and biology rather than culture.
The researchers proposed that emotions represented in the somatosensory system are culturally universal categorical somatotopic maps. Perception of these emotion-triggered bodily changes may play a key role in generating consciously felt emotions.
This work was published December 31, 2013 in the journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences under the title ”Bodily maps of emotions“ .


Changing the World with The Body Code


Rachelle Delorey is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and now we are thrilled that she is also a Certified Body Code Practitioner! To welcome her to practicing The Body Code, we've asked her a few questions about her experience with our Certification Program and The Body Code thus far.

How did your Emotion Code certification prepare you to become a Body Code Practitioner?
The Emotion Code Certification Program really helped me to understand the foundation of this amazing modality. It is very easy to understand and apply the technique and definitely prepared me for the more in-depth program with The Body Code.
Do you feel the Body Code certification program prepared you to take clients?
I totally agree that The Body Code Certification Program indeed prepared me with the many hours of training and putting into practice the lessons that I have learned. Certification also shows that Dr. Nelson endorses that we understand and will share with the world this beautiful gift and it has brought many clients.
Do you have a Body Code session story of helping a client with a specific issue that you could outline the highlights of what you did to heal that client?
I worked with a client that had many issues, including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, stenosis, a chronic sleeping disorder and was bed-ridden from using lots of medication. After releasing many trapped emotions and imbalances, I asked her specifically about her pain from fibromyalgia, she said, "Wow, I just realized that I had barely any pain for the last two weeks and have not been needing to sleep as much as I normally did. Even a car ride of about 1.5 hours would have me in bed for a couple of days. This works like magic." She mentioned that she never realized she was not in pain until I asked how she was doing.
Do you notice any differences in yourself since becoming Body Code certified?
The differences in myself since I became a Certified Body Code Practitioner are huge! I have more confidence and I am more open to intuitive guidance. I know the work I do is helping Dr. Nelson's mission of making a better world and I am totally in for this mission.
Do you notice a difference in using The Body Code on your clients as compared to when you just used The Emotion Code?
With my clients I do notice the difference in them compared to when I was just using The Emotion Code. They are so much more interested and wanting to know how we can pin-point when imbalances happened in their lives. Many times they would say, "Wow! How could you have known such a thing when you know nothing of my life?" They share with their friends the experience that they had with me. Which is a huge bonus!
In your experience, what does The Body Code do better than any other healing tool out there?
I could speak on that for a very long time. I have taken about a dozen different healing modality courses in the last seven years, and in my honest opinion, nothing comes close to what The Body Code does. It gets straight to the point. I do not need to spend 1.5 hours doing a healing on a client that can be done in a whole lot less time and they can relate to what I have released from them. Most people do not quite understand how energy works and how I am able to release trapped emotions and imbalances while I am in Canada and they are in Texas, but they do understand when we mention an emotion and at what age the emotion roughly happened.
Have you learned more about energy healing and health in general since becoming Body Code certified?
I can honestly say that yes, I did learn more about energy healing and health in general by becoming a Certified Body Code Practitioner. Nothing that I have ever learned has ever gone into as great detail of the 6 imbalances that can occur in the body and affect our health. It takes so much less energy. When it comes to being connected to God (or in whatever you believe) as an intuitive partner, simply ask the subconscious and the answer will be given to you.
Would you encourage Emotion Code practitioners to learn The Body Code?
I would highly recommend Emotion Code Practitioners to learn The Body Code as it offers so much more for yourself and the client. It is so in-depth and wonderful and you can help yourself, family, friends and clients. When the passion is in your heart to help others, this next step comes naturally!


Listening When the Body Talks

Written by Brian Withers
Understanding the Body as a Whole
This week I saw a movie and it struck me as odd that some of the movie script had the actors talking about finding a cure for disease in the cells, that is, working with the physical body to “cure” it. It’s interesting that in the year 2014 there still is the notion that a body is a separate self-contained object like a gasoline motor for example. The motor of course is a separate physical mechanical object where parts can physically wear out and stop performing. We can identify a specific part that has to be replaced, replace it and get back to “normal” operation. I am prepared to say that although the motor is physical and mechanical, its performance is still influenced by the law of vibration but that is for another article. Back on track, the body of course is a little more intricate piece of machinery, not usually so straight forward to identify why a specific part or function has stopped working as nature intended. Western medicine attempts to treat the body like the motor in replacing parts, adapting the body with surgery, treating it with drugs and so on. As we are seeing more and more, these are ineffective or come at a high cost in one way or another. Perhaps understanding that a gasoline motor and a human body require different maintenance approaches where a motor is a human invention where we know all of the parts and all about what happens for the motor to work. The body however, is not a human invention and without understanding its total dynamic, both body and mind, how complete can any remedy be? What is the relationship between mind and body in terms of the workings of our life, the state of our health?
Don't Shoot the Messenger
I propose that rather than looking at the body as a collection of cells deciding for themselves what to do, that cells are more akin to shadows that simply respond to frequencies within the subconscious mind (or our energy field). If the frequency is in its natural state then the cell is also operating in its natural state. However, if the frequency is off then the cell is off and becomes a messenger to sound the alarm on that specific out of balance frequency. Did you ever hear the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger?" That phrase indicates that you can do anything you want to the messenger but it is not going to change the message that was brought. No matter what action you take on the messenger, it will not solve your issue. We know that to deal with the issue, we have to understand what’s going on. The only way to know that is to listen to the message. Therefore, we need to be thankful for and listen very clearly to what that messenger is saying. It is the only way that we will know what needs to be corrected. Picture this. In medieval times, a rider came up to a castle hollering and making a commotion that he had a message. Would it have made sense for the castle people to silence him, ignore him or would it have been more effective to listen? Let’s say they didn't listen and just ignored him. Let’s say his message was that an army was a short distance away and was coming to lay siege on the castle. What would have been the impact of ignoring that message? Let’s say that they did listen to him but then they just sat him down with some spirits to calm him down and disregarded the message. What would have been the impact of this? Let’s say they got angry and killed him. What would have been the impact of this? In all of these cases, they would have lost the message and the opportunity to prepare, make changes and defend their fort, and save their lives. A few days later they would all have been slain and the castle would have been in ruins.
Listen and Act on the Message
Does this sound similar in our own battle for health? We have aches, pains, malfunctions, energy loss etc. These are the messages we get through the cells of our body (the messenger). We do everything to resolve the message by working on the messenger (our body). However, just like in the medieval story, we can do whatever we like to the cells of the body--we can cut them out, we can contain them, we can stimulate them with different therapies and we can drench them with drugs as though we were bounding and gagging a messenger--but what is this really doing? How is it helping us? It may bring temporary relief, but all we are really doing is preventing ourselves from getting the important message. We need that message! It is going to tell us what inner imbalance we need to correct. Once we make the correction, the body can turn off the alarm and return to its natural functioning. There is actually nothing “wrong” with the body when it hurts. It’s just giving us the message to help us correct what needs to be corrected. When we hear people say they are sick, they could just as much say, “My body is in an alarm state because I have an imbalance.” The messenger is so valuable to give us the message that points us in the right direction of the cause, why would we ever want to do anything with that messenger other than to listen (and ask questions)?
The Body Alerts Us to an Imbalance
Not only is it significant that the body alerts us to an imbalance, but each part of the body and the type of message given point to specific frequencies that are causing the imbalance. These frequencies can be translated to represent situations in everyday life, such as: 1) Erroneous beliefs about our self giving us a distorted self image like “I am worthless”, or “Nobody listens to me,” 2) Erroneous beliefs about life such as “money is hard to come by” or “people are out to get me,” 3) Fears of not having enough, being left out etc., 4) Emotions related to the previous three points such as insecurity, worthless, guilt, despair etc. There are other types of frequency imbalances but emotional based frequency imbalances account for the majority. Just take a quick review of your life and think about how much emotional downtime we have. That “stuff” is not nothing. It is something and it carries an energetic frequency. These can get trapped in our energy field from any time in our life and when they do, the messenger rides at full speed to deliver the message because nature does not want these imbalances to exist in your field. You are unique with a purpose, gifts and talents and nature's intent is for you to express these and serve others. The further you get off track from your true self and purpose, more and increasingly severe messages you will get.
Ask and Listen
The next time you hear the messenger, be sure to ask and then listen. What is this telling me? What do I need to know? If you need help, The Emotion Code and The Body Code are wonderful tools to communicate with the messenger, trace the message, and allow the subconscious mind to reveal and release the imbalance. You can also help yourself by raising your vibration with your daily choices. As you introduce higher vibrations into your subconscious, you will find that the messenger needs to go out much less often to sound the alarm in your body. If you need help with getting a handle on those daily vibrations I have a program called "20 Weeks to a Higher Vibration – Taking Charge of Your Life."
- Discover The Emotion Code and The Body Code


Is vitamin D the 'miracle' nutrient for multiple sclerosis sufferers?

Vitamin D

(NaturalNews) Scientists are now beginning to confirm what they have long suspected: boosting vitamin D levels may slow the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS) and prevent brain degeneration.

The most recent evidence came from a study conducted by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and published in the journal JAMA Neurology in January. The findings suggest that it is important to correct any preexisting vitamin D deficiency as quickly as possible following an MS diagnosis.

"Individuals who present with symptoms suggesting MS should be screened for possible vitamin D deficiency, and this should be corrected by vitamin D supplementation," lead researcher Alberto Ascherio said.

Vitamin D and your immune system

MS is an incurable autoimmune disorder that leads to progressive degeneration of the central nervous system. It produces symptoms such as loss of motor control or even difficulty walking, writing or speaking. Researchers have long suspected a connection between MS and vitamin D, especially as it has become clear what an important role vitamin D plays in maintaining immune health.

Vitamin D, often called the "sunshine vitamin," is produced naturally by the skin upon exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Just 15 minutes daily of sun on the unprotected skin of the face and hands can produce enough for light-skinned people, although darker skinned people require more exposure.

In latitudes far from the equator, however, it may not be possible to get enough vitamin D in the winter, especially if your body did not build up reserves from getting plenty of sunlight in the summer. Some of the first connections between vitamin D and MS (and other autoimmune disorders) were made when researchers realized that such diseases were more prevalent at latitudes farther from the equator, where vitamin D deficiency is more widespread.

Less brain damage

In the recent study, researchers tested vitamin D levels in 465 patients recently diagnosed with MS, then followed them for five years. They found that patients whose vitamin D levels increased at least 50 nmol/L in the first year of the study were 57 percent less likely to develop new brain lesions than patients whose vitamin D levels had not increased that much. By the end of the study, the patients with the vitamin D increase were also 57 percent less likely to relapse, had a 25 percent lower annual increase in T2 lesion size, and a 0.41 percent lower annual loss of brain volume.

These findings take the connection between vitamin D and MS to a new level. Prior studies had strongly demonstrated that lower levels of vitamin D lead to a higher risk of developing MS, while long-term studies have shown a connection between lower vitamin D levels and more severe symptoms. This recent study however, provides some of the first evidence that boosting vitamin D levels can actually improve disease outcomes.

"These findings, combined with previous evidence that vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for MS, and [research on] the immunological effects of vitamin D strongly suggest that maintaining an adequate vitamin D status is important in the treatment of MS," Ascherio said.

A large clinical trial by other researchers is currently underway to determine if vitamin D supplementation can improve symptoms in MS patients.

"It is my belief that these trials will help answer the important question of whether it is safe and effective to recommend high-dose vitamin D supplementation to people with MS," said Ellen Mowry of Johns Hopkins University, a researcher in that study.

Sources for this article include:



Written by Lisa Magnusson, CBCP/CECP
A man, bent over and limping, often complained how much pain he experienced on a daily basis. “I would give ANYTHING to get better,” he exclaimed. Friends lent ears of sympathy, and offered advice ranging in surgical procedures to miracle herbal remedies.
His response: “Oh, it is too expensive!” He went on complaining for years, consigned to his pain.
Why would money separate this man from his solution? The answers vary from doubt of effectiveness to actual poverty, but the main concern is really about living in a mental deficit.
Mental Deficits
A mental deficit is another way to see the glass half empty. This can manifest in competitive drive to keep up with the neighbors, a critical eye of someone’s lifestyle, refusing to see outside the box, and even the frantic blaming of others for the pain that we refuse to overcome. This is the mindset of “this is how things will always be.”
Mental deficits are repeated in many aspects of life: dissatisfaction with our dress size, our current employment, and financial woes. In some cases, people recoil when presented with The Body Code’s unique approach to abundance attraction. Some may think, this will NEVER work! But what would prompt a person to turn away from relief when a solution was within reach?
The Spirit of Lack
Many struggle through life and see what they do not have. The dream job that they are unqualified for, the loving partner they never seem to find, and the material wealth that eludes them.
This is known as the spirit of lack. We can circulate around this over and over again, feeling cheated and falling short of what brings attainment. The blessing of The Body Code is that we can identify and release any emotional saboteurs to our success. This is a freeing experience, giving a person greater clarity of mind to ask the following questions: What exactly ARE abundance, wealth, and feelings of financial freedom?
Abundance, Wealth, and Financial Freedom
Abundance is more than just money. In some cases when a client has disclosed they have tried to find a better job, gain an education, or try to move forward with their dreams, they felt “blocked” and subsequently frustrated. At this point, I often ask a question that seems to leave them abruptly speechless: “When you get the job, the lifestyle, and the love that you want… then what? Do you believe you will be happy?” In most cases, people will honestly answer no. There will always be something they lack; something that leaves them unsatisfied.
At this point we begin to discuss what the real problem is: What emotional baggage and other imbalances are rolling around inside, causing tension and the involuntary drive to achieve, compete, consume… and then repeat? Why does the person believe this will leave him feeling happy and safe?
I hope the client will begin to trust that the form of abundance that is needed for themselves to be truly happy and filled is what they will receive. This may come in different forms: conventional wealth, increased health, closeness to the Divine, a feeling of comfort in a tumultuous world, peace and simplicity, a change in perspective, or in a variety of other forms. And the subconscious and the inner wisdom of the spirit knows exactly what we need to feel abundance.
For example, would someone truly feel more freedom if he or she had a balanced budget, more so than someone who had millions of dollars tied up in financial obligations? Probably not. Would someone appreciate good health if he or she never had never been sick? Probably not. So how do we capture this elusive feeling of abundance?
It starts with gratitude.
There are a few rare clients who, no matter how many sessions they receive, never seem to get better. Their situation never seems to improve, or so they say. Sometimes changes and improvements come incrementally and we have to help our conscious minds to recognize the little changes.
For instance, a woman came to see me for problems with her daughter’s behavior, and the stress it was placing on her marriage. The young girl’s progress seemed to be slow–painfully slow. The woman became frustrated, and voiced it to me. She reluctantly admitted she was seeing improvement, albeit small. While she saw the change, her ingratitude for the slowness of the change agitated her. It was as if she was trying to say, “Get better fast so our problems will simply go away!”
We talked about how we can remember to recognize change, and that actually accelerates our rate of improvement. As our recognition increases, our gratitude increases. As our gratitude increases, it is at that point that our hearts open wide to receive abundance in its many forms!
One of the great blessings that practitioners can offer clients is to actually ask what form of abundance do you need to feel peace at this particular time? An abundance of healthy foods? An abundance of healthy relationships? An abundance of savings, prompting a person to save more than they spend? An abundance of new job opportunities? This may help address some of the underlying reasons that prompt a person’s dissatisfaction with their circumstances.
The Body Code cannot force someone to heal, nor can it suddenly create wealth for any of us. Healing and improving is a personal matter, between the injured and the Creator of us all. As we express gratitude for the small changes, we step out of the deficit and into the realm of abundance.
-Lisa Magnusson, CBCP/CECP
-Discover The Body Code


Chronic stress is killing you! (And how EFT can change the whole story)

Why not all stress (and stress relief) is created equal.
Did you know that some stress is actually good for you? In the right amounts, stress can improve brain function, make you more creative, help you get fit, lower your risk of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and lots more.
It’s chronic stress—the “stress overload” you feel day in, day out—that’s silently but systematically sabotaging your health and well-being.
Here’s the thing, though. You’re smart. You exercise, get your 7 hours, do deep breathing, yoga, meditation. You’ve even logged hours on the couch (the therapist’s couch!) , trying to get to the “root” of your stress.
Chronic StressBut still, you feel its effects. Even worse, stress-related disease shows up everywhere you look.
So what gives?
The Answer: Like stress, not all stress relief is created equal.
Stress isn’t just in your head. Stress is also physical. (There’s load of scientific research proving this, by the way.)
Until stress is fully released, it stays lodged in your body, in your cells, running rampant, putting your health at risk.
Still not sure? The health-damaging effects of chronic stress are scientific fact.
Here’s how stress damages your health (and your life, relationships, waistline, and more) in 13 sad steps:
1. You think about something stressful—work, money, relationships, family, whatever’s bothering you.
2. Your amygdala (in your mid-brain) senses danger.
3. Your amygdala helps to initiate your body’s fight-or-flight response to stress.
4. In “fight or flight”, your body releases adrenaline and the “stress hormone” cortisol, diverts blood away from your digestive tract, leaving you less able to digest food and absorb nutrients AND more likely to gain weight.
5. In this physiological “crisis mode,” you’re more vulnerable to pain—from chronic illness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, stomach upset, and more.
6. In this state of heightened physiological “alert”, your brain’s creative center is deemed “non-essential” and shuts down. Down goes your problem solving, your creative skills, your intuition.
7. You feel increasingly irritable, isolated and impatient. Your relationships suffer.
8. Stress affects your sleep. Your metabolism slows.
9. Your body secretes even more cortisol, wreaking more havoc on your digestion (and waist line), increasing your blood pressure, lowering your immune response.
10. After releasing too much cortisol for too long, your body goes into “adrenal fatigue.” You feel depleted, exhausted, and depressed.
11. You no longer have the energy to adhere to your exercise routine, your healthy eating, meditation, yoga. Migraines, insomnia, stress-related hair loss, chronic pain, and any number of other issues become regular parts of your life.
12. Battling low energy, you can hardly focus at work, and elsewhere. Your relationships suffer.
13. Your depression deepens. You (and your body) are STRESSED OUT.
Typical “Quick-Fix” Stress Relievers
You feel better, but only until the next morning or credit card statement.
What about aerobic exercise, yoga/meditation, and “talk” therapy?
Relieving Chronis Stress40% of the population exercises for 30 minutes each on 1 – 4 days per week
NO debate here. Exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity promotes the release of endorphins, known as the “feel good” neurotransmitters; makes you “smarter” and more creative by increasing blood flow (and oxygen) to your brain; and acts as “meditation in motion”, providing mental and physical stress relief.
The reality: However critical, it’s hours, even days, after that stressful meeting with the boss, or that fight with your spouse, before you can seek out the solace of your running shoes. (If you have that healthy habit..)
38% of Americans use “complementary and alternative medicine”, which includes yoga, meditation and other natural stress relief
Again, NO debate here. These practices provide powerful stress relief, increased focus, creativity, and lots more.
The reality: Yoga and meditation provide significant stress relief and other benefits that yield significant results in weeks or months with regular, frequent practice. Many who try meditation give up too soon because they feel it’s “not working.”
What about psychotherapy? Does “talk” therapy provide lasting stress relief?
A study performed by Dr. Dawson Church, PhD and Dr. David Feinstein, PhD, measured cortisol levels before and after treatment.
Research on Chronic Stress83 participants were divided into 3 groups: the 1st group received an hour of of Tapping, a practice that combines “talk” therapy with acupressure treatments; the 2nd group received an hour of psychotherapy (“talk” therapy); the 3rd group (control group) received no treatment.
Results: The 1st group demonstrated a 24% decrease in cortisol levels; the 2nd and 3rd groups showed no change in cortisol levels.
The reality: Pyschotherapy alone relieves stress, but over a long period of time. The immediate benefits of psychotherapy don’t register in your body, where excessive amounts of the “stress hormone” cortisol still run rampant, putting your health at risk.
Where’s the REAL stress relief?
Tapping, the practice that produced a 24% decrease in cortisol after just one hour, blends Western psychotherapy or “talk” therapy with Eastern wisdom about “meridian points” or acupressure.
Acts fast. Use anytime, anywhere. For 5 minutes or 20.
Because it accesses your emotions and body simultaneously, it provides powerful stress relief, lowering cortisol levels faster than most traditional and alternative stress relief methods.
Study findings: Tapping balances activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic regions of your brain, producing “a neutral emotional state,” the gold standard of health and wellness.
Dr. Church, PhD: Tapping “gives you the best of both worlds, body and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.”
More about the science behind it:
The sympathetic region of your brain
Prepares your body for vigorous physical activity, speeding your heart, dilating pupils, contracting blood vessels, reducing digestive secretions.
In a perpetually active “stressed out” state, you’re more vulnerable to heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, weight gain, irritability, and impatience. This is what chronic stress looks like in the early stages.
The parasympathetic region of your brain
How Chronis Stress Effects the BrainPrepares your body for relaxation, cell regeneration, and digestion by slowing the heart, constricting the pupils, stimulating digestive secretions, and dilating blood vessels.
In an overactive state, you suffer from depression, weakened immune response, fatigue and diminished motivation. à This is what chronic stress looks like over time.
The Takeaway:
“High sympathetic / low parasympathetic ratios have been linked to both psychological and physiological disorders and may, in fact, “be the final pathway linking negative states and conditions to ill health.””
CREDIT: Dr. Dawson Church, PhD and Dr. David Feinstein, PhD, “Modulating Gene Expression Through Psychotherapy: The Contribution of Non-Invasive Somatic Interventions”
The Alternative:
EFT Tapping regulates activity between these regions to achieve balanced activity and optimal health.
Study finding: EFT Tapping is “substantially more powerful” than diaphragmatic breathing at lowering cortisol.
Extra Benefit #1: Relieved of the excessive cortisol and “adrenal fatigue,” your body and mind re-balance. Your energy is restored, you sleep better, feel healthy again. Your metabolism is restored. Your body is again able to heal itself.
Extra Benefit #2: The comprehensive body/mind stress relief you get from Tapping in minutes, takes hours, weeks, or months to achieve with meditation, yoga, “talk” therapy, and other treatments.
Extra Benefit #3: If you already practice meditation, yoga, affirmations, and others, Tapping can enhance the benefits of those other practices by lowering your cortisol levels much quicker, promoting even deeper relaxation “on the cushion” and beyond.
What it all means:
Chronic stress is sabotaging your health and well-being, making you more vulnerable to depression, disease, and worse.
EFT Tapping quickly relieves chronic stress on physical and mental/emotional levels.

Changing the World with The Body Code

The Body Code can not only help you to find your ultimate health and success, but it can also be the ultimate career for you. We've asked Body Code Practitioner, Angela Hanna, some questions about how The Body Code is working out for her and her clients. Please find more information about becoming Body Code certified by clicking here, and if you would like a session from Angela Hanna please scroll to the bottom of our interview to find her contact info.

Have you learned more about energy healing and health in general since becoming Body Code certified?
Absolutely, The Body Code Certification teaches how to better understand energy healing through the six main imbalances categories and their subsystems and so forth. I personally loved the section about nutrition in general and how the toxins that people ingest on a daily basis like food additives can contribute to a host of diseases and illnesses. In the Certification Program you are taught how to find nutritional deficiencies and test dosages. There is just so much information, this is a great opportunity for learning more about health in general and how we can help ourselves, our families and our clients live happier, healthier and more vibrant lives.
How did your Emotion Code certification prepare you to become a Body Code Practitioner?
The Emotion Code Certification provided me the basic format and practices for working with my clients but most of all it gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a Body Code Certification.
Do you feel the Body Code certification program prepared you to take clients?
There was no question that from the moment I picked up The Emotion Code book I felt a strange pull to do this work. I even had a dream that validated my calling. When I made the decision to become certified in The Body Code, I thought that if I was going to do this, I wanted to make sure that it was indeed in accordance with God’s will for me. So, I thought I would put myself out there and take on 85-90% new individuals, people I had never seen nor worked with.
The first new session I did I was uncomfortable and I felt a bit anxious but the more new candidates that came along the more comfortable and confident I became, simply because here were these people I had never met before and I was making a huge difference in their lives. Often times they became emotional as they remembered and released an event that had caused an imbalance in their energy system. It was so incredibly rewarding to witness the healing take place right before my eyes. My advice to those doing their Body Code Certification is take as many new candidates as you can.
Do you have any Body Code session stories of helping a client with their issue and could you outline the highlights of what you did to help them, not everything you found, but the highlights?
This is a funny one. I had a client in her 60's who would wake up 4-5 times a night to use the washroom, to her surprise her husband would already be up using the washroom himself. Every time she had to go, there he was using it. She had not mentioned to me any of this but only told me that she experienced a discomfort in her lower abdomen mainly on the left side. Without any further information I found she had been corded to her husband from bladder to bladder. I corrected this, and then I asked if there were any emotional issues underlying this cording. It turns out she absorbed the emotion of Indecisiveness from him. The next session she told me that the discomfort in her abdomen was gone and that she was able to sleep through the night. She also laughed as she told me her husband sleeps on his left side.
Another story is of a 24 year old woman who had attempted suicide several times. Her major complaints were Anger and Depression. On a scale from 1-10 she rated her anger at 11. She said she wanted to wrap her car around a pole she was so angry. She sat with crossed arms in front of her Skype screen and looked at me condescendingly wondering what she got herself into with these sessions. There was a Post Hypnotic Suggestion of "I am nothing" and she told me that she felt she was not heard nor seen by others around herself. We found some other relevant imbalances throughout the session and released and corrected, and by the end of the session she had softened and had tears in her eyes and thanked me sincerely. In our next session she no longer had any anger or depression issues.
My last story is a 50 year old woman from India. She was experiencing sharp pains in her back just below the right lung. She had great difficulty with mobility. The major cause of this pain was a Saboteur. You see she had been in an arranged marriage that failed. There were some ill feelings between her ex and herself. After the session the pain had lessened but was still there. This is what she wrote to me next day "Due to the pain on my lower back getting up was difficult. After the session pain was mild and next morning getting up was easier and no pain at all. To be honest reading and understanding is different from the actual experience. It is indeed a miracle. You did not waste time and fully utilized the time to help me out to the max. Sincerely thank you for the beautiful healing experience."
There are so many more stories but for now I will stop here.
Do you notice any differences in yourself since becoming Body Code certified?
Of course, the validation from my clients is enough to give me the confidence I need to continue with this work knowing that I am an instrument. I feel truly grateful and blessed to be that conduit in the process of healing my fellow beings.
How about your clients, do you notice a difference in them in comparison to when you just use The Emotion Code?
Yes, The Body Code goes right down to the root of the issue. I have found in some cases there could be many underlying causes to one imbalance. Then there may be underlying issues to those underlying issues, but, how amazing when we get to the root and finally pull it out and release it. At this point 9 times out of 10 the client becomes well aware of cause as their subconscious brings it to the surface. The healing then takes place. I can't think of anything more profound. The Body Code offers a deeper level of healing and my clients can feel it.
In your experience what does The Body Code do better than any other healing tool out there?
As I mentioned earlier, The Body Code gets to the root of the Imbalance/Dis-ease quickly, safely and efficiently. I have found nothing else out there that is that precise, quick or effective. In my opinion The Body Code is, and should be, the first course of intervention for everything that ails or just to achieve more balance and harmony in any area of life. It is that thorough!
Would you encourage Emotion Code practitioners to learn The Body Code, and why?
Yes, I would. Those that are certified in The Emotion Code know and understand the incredible effect it has on their clients. Now imagine being able to delve even further and explore yet more and in doing so being able to bring your clients' healing to a higher level, raising their vibration even higher and transforming their lives completely. I would say this is not an exaggeration but an accurate view of the transformation my Emotion Code clients have experienced after we added the Body Code to their sessions.


The Body Code Finds the Underlying Imbalances

written by Stephanie Rakow
With The Body Code you are able to find imbalances much faster than any doctor ever could! For example, I found the cause of pain in my clients abdomen and it was a 7/10 on the pain scale. I found through testing that the underlying cause was an imbalance of her pancreas. But the underlying cause for the pancreas was an imbalance of her left shoulder bone and the cause for that was an imbalance of her leg nerve. There was another underlying cause, it was an imbalance of her big toe bone. I then had to release a trapped emotion to fix the toe bone and then I cleared all the imbalances in reverse order. Then the pain was gone!
My client then said, "Oh my! No doctor would have found that, and if I had gone to a doctor, I had first to see an internist, then to an orthopedist, then to a neurologist, and finally to the psychiatrist. And no one would have found the reasons for all these imbalances, because they just see and think in their specialty. It would have taken me a year to visit all the different doctors and cost a lot of money."
Some time later she came to me with a migraine headache and ear pain. I found the underlying cause in The Body Code, it was in her bone marrow. Then I went again through The Body Code to find which bone marrow and it let me to the middle ear. I had just to bring the bone marrow of the middle ear back into balance and the pain was gone.
She said again: "No doctor would have found these underlying causes!"
These things happen every day and I am so grateful for The Body Code, and that it leads us to all causes of illnesses.
author bio:
I am a physical therapist in Germany and work now only with The Body Code, because it is much faster and effective. Visit my website for more information.