Where Modern Medicine, Chiropractors and Massage fail, The Body Code succeeds!

I had an appointment to see a friend on a Wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling great, but that night when I went to bed, I couldn't lie on my back. I felt a pain of about a 7-8 severity, with 10 being "Take me to the hospital." I have never had a pain like this. It was sharp and right between my shoulder blades in the middle of my back. It felt as if my spine was out of alignment along with a pinched nerve. Not that I have ever had a pinched nerve, but that is what I imagine one might feel like. I was only able to sleep 2-3 hours that night due to the pain.
So the next day, Thursday, thinking this was a physical problem, I made an appointment for Friday to see my chiropractor. Thursday night the pain ensued and I actually took a muscle relaxer (which I hate doing) in order to get some sleep. It did not dull the pain at all, but allowed me to ignore it enough to sleep about 5 hours.
On Friday my chiropractor does a great job and aligns me. That night I lie down expecting to feel normal, but the pain is still there! Excruciating! I know I'm having a massage in the morning, so I ignore it, thinking the massage will relax out the muscles and I will be good as new.
Saturday morning I get a fabulous massage, spend a great time with friends and feel no pain all day, but once again, when I lie down to sleep the pain is there!! And it is just as bad as it was the first night. No relief at all after an alignment and a massage. It's now about 1:40 a.m. Sunday morning. I'm exhausted and have no idea what is going on with my back.
I've been studying The Emotion Code and The Body Code for several months now, so I decide to muscle test. It leads me to a Trapped Emotion of betrayal. I begin tracing back to when the pain started and I realize it was the day I went to see my friend. While this friend never betrayed me, we did discuss briefly a betrayal that had occurred 3 years prior with some mutual acquaintances. Immediately I think about The Body Code and test for a saboteur. And sure enough, there is a knife in the middle of my back, implanted by one of the acquaintances! Apparently the friend had mentioned to the acquaintance that we had spoken that day.
I released the Trapped Emotion of betrayal and removed the saboteur and the sharp pain immediately left my body!!! I was amazed! There was a residual soreness that was tender to the touch and lasted for about 12 hours, but I could lie on my back and sleep that night. I would never have believed it had I not experienced this, so I'm actually glad it happened. It has increased my resolve even more that this is where I need to focus my work by using The Emotion Code and The Body Code in my counseling practice.
Thank you SO MUCH Bradley Nelson!
Ann Fangio ~ Frisco, TX


This Experience left her in Tears

Just got news that the two preemies (twins born at 21 weeks and 23 weeks) which I had the honor of working on.... they'll make it! While I realize it wasn't me who did the actual healing, and that many hands were working on them, to be a part of two little souls living is an amazing and humbling feeling I shall never forget. I released Trapped Emotions prior to the birth, during, and after including prenatal ones given to them by the Mom. What an interesting session it was with one getting a Trapped Emotion, and the other twin not, etc. The last one I released from Adam made me cry; Abandonment. No kidding! Imagine the feeling of leaving your twin and Mom and being placed in the NICU! And now imagine if he had carried that with him his whole life. The entire session all made complete and clear sense and could be explained by any psychologist. It left me amazed and in tears.
For any of you considering Emotion Code work, consider the impact you'll have on the world. The Emotion Code truly does heal the world. I can't think of a more fulfilling "job." An excerpt from the Mom:
"Happy Friday everyone! Just got super news, Adam is off the ventilator and doing well and Dr. Doom sat down with (name removed) this afternoon and told him that he is amazed at Adam, a baby who had a 10% chance of survival at birth now has a 100% survival rate! We will deffo be bringing the two babies home! We are beyond ecstatic, our heads feel like they'll pop and I can't even breathe properly from the relief of it all."
~ Holly Hallowell