'Hay Fever - Can it be Reversed?'

I want to share a fantastic new article with all you Hay Fever sufferers!
'Hay Fever - Can it be Reversed?'
"I would like to explain how the immune system works and how it gets triggered. When we are exposed to any thing in our environment, the hypothalamus picks up the information and relays it to the pituitary and adrenal glands." - an article by Charan
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Freedom From Gout

I recently found out one of my work colleagues was suffering from gout in one of his feet. He had had a couple of weeks off work (having struggled on at work for 7 weeks) and was by now struggling to walk and even put on a shoe. By the time I got to speak with him he was experiencing excruciating pain where even the bed sheets touching his toes was unbearable. He was also experiencing pain in his knee as a consequence of finding it difficult to put weight on that foot and so he had developed a limp. Things were getting pretty desperate for him and he was starting to feel depressed too. He had been told he had a liver problem where one enzyme was over producing and high uric levels of the gout were also having an impact on his liver. He was told he would need some surgery in the very near future.
Being fairly new to The Body Code (I am certified in The Emotion Code since October 2013, and bought the Body Code soon after), I have to admit I felt out of my depth because it was so vast compared to The Emotion Code. But I put my faith in God and have become practiced in asking God to "guide my hands" as I do the muscle testing and then trust the process, no matter how random the answers seem to be.
The first thing I decided to address was his Heart-Wall, releasing only a few Trapped Emotions at first, but even after that 1st session he said "I couldn't believe it but I feel a lightness in my chest after the session". It took 2 more sessions to release the Heart-Wall, but it made a significant difference to his immune function capacity, which when I muscle tested it started out at about 50%. By the end of another 2 sessions it came up to 96%. Almost immediately he noticed a real difference in his pain level, as it halved from 10 plus, to a 5, and then down to 0, following the 4th session. The swelling seemed to respond a little slower, but then significantly reduced after releasing the final trapped emotions in his Heart-Wall, as well as some parasites and toxins. Imbalances being revealed by using The Body Code were in his pituitary gland, liver, kidneys, gall bladder and meridian imbalances, with lots of root causes being attributed to trapped emotions, inherited emotions and miasms as well as magnetic field deficiency. He has recently been back to the hospital for check ups and has been told that his liver has returned to normal, although his uric acid levels are still high. After this - he had his 5th session which has addressed this issue. Now we await the results from his next blood test to see the impact there.
What I found amazing was not just the difference it was making to his pain and swelling, but to his personal life. He writes:
"I just wanted to start by saying a big thank you, not only for helping me, but for your enthusiasm, support and knowledge. I've finally come full circle and am pain free and have had a weight lifted from my shoulders in the meantime.
Although not being familiar with The Emotion Code or The Body Code I was willing to try anything to rid the excruciating pain I was experiencing. In truth I gained much more from it than I could ever have imagined. I had somewhere along the line lost that spark that I'd always had, and thanks to Rita I now have that back. It's good enough that I've noticed the change myself, but it hasn't stopped there, even my family and friends are seeing changes for the better also. I really can't thank you enough Rita."
I have been practicing energy therapies including Reiki, EFT as well as reflexology for 8 years now and I can honestly say I have never seen such dramatic results with any other therapy. Making such a difference to peoples lives as this does, well, it really gladdens my heart and makes me feel like I am finally living my life's purpose. Thanks Dr. Brad for all your work as well as to all the other practitioners, such as Hazel Markou, who have been a constant source of good advice and support, and helped me progress as a practitioner. With much love! - Rita Ennis