Couple's Relationship Repaired with The Emotion Code

A couple came in my practice and told me about their complicated partnership. She was addicted to alcohol, which he didn't like at all. They also couldn't seem to talk about their relationship.
I released all different kind of imbalances on her, including causes for her addiction to alcohol like an Addicted Heart Energy. After the first treatment, she didn't drink a drop of alcohol and she hasn't since!
I also treated him. He became more open and self-confident. They both got along much better and were able to talk about their relationship more.
The following treatments were at the phone: In another session with her using The Body Code, she had low back pain at a scale of 5. I initially couldn't find any underlying cause, but finally found out that her spine bone had a misalignment—it was not in the correct place with the hip bones. So I asked her to run a magnet over her head 3 times with the intention to realign the spine bone. Immediately after she was finished, she said, "What have you done? That's a miracle! The pain is totally gone!" I was amazed too. I just told her that her body obeyed and did the realignment.
Thank you Dr. Brad for this great work and that we can be part of it.
Stephanie Rakow ~ Berlin, Germany


After Just One Body Code Session, Eye Doctor Is Amazed to see Dark Spot Vanish

A patient named Christina called me one morning, absolutely terrified and frustrated. Doctors had discovered a black shade behind her eye and they were quite concerned about the seriousness of the situation. Needless to say, Christina was in a state of shock. She was a single mother of 4 young children and her husband had passed away a few years back. An event like that definitely leaves a lot of scars in the cellular memory of the body.
She talked to me and arranged to have a telephone session in a couple of days. I did not promise anything; all I said is that there might be some kind of imbalance in her body and if so it could be easily be found and released. We had the appointment late in the evening, where we released a lot of Trapped Emotions using The Body Code System. After one hour she was processing what we had cleared and we couldn't release any more; I advised her to rest and see how she felt the following day.
The next day in the late afternoon she called me again. She said, "You will not believe what happened. I went to the doctor to check my eye again and he found nothing at all! It's a miracle! I can not believe it! I'm so happy and grateful to you!'' I said that I was so happy about her news also. It seems that The Body Code not only works, but it does miracles!
Adonis Ellinas ~ Limassol, Cyprus