The Emotion Code: The Fast Track to Anxiety Relief

“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.” – Charles H. Spurgeon
White knuckles. Sweaty palms. Throat tension. Elevated heart rate. Darkened vision. Inexplicable, unexpected panic at seventy miles per hour in the fast lane on the interstate. Not the ideal time to have one’s first panic attack, but when is an ideal time for such a thing? I lived for over twenty years never knowing when it would strike, and for how long. I knew what life was like without the panic and anxiety, and I knew that this anxious state of being was not normal for me. All confidence in a “normal” tomorrow caused me to feel daily anxiety and partially drained my days of the joy I could have experienced otherwise. I was speeding toward emotional exhaustion and profound unhappiness. After searching high and low for many years and trying many things, I can say with confidence and experience as a beneficiary and as a Practitioner, that the Emotion Code is the unequivocal fast track to healing and relief.
The first lap of healing from anxiety is to remove the Heart-Wall. Many clients have asked me, “Isn’t a Heart-Wall a good thing to have to protect me?” The answer is no. Imagine your car breaks down on a bitter cold day in the middle of nowhere. You are getting very cold, and your body shifts in to survival mode. It allocates the blood in your body to the vital organs to sustain life as long as possible. This is a miraculous process your body performs to keep you alive, though it is at the expense of fingers, toes, hands and feet. You can physically survive without fingers and toes, but not the vital organs, and the body knows that. However, in time frostbite sets in, more and more of the body becomes starved of the warmth and nourishing benefits of the blood in your body and you may lose more than your fingers and toes.
So it is with the Heart-Wall. Your heart’s intelligence can be misguided in its desire to protect you and itself in that it selects certain trapped emotions and allocates them to the heart at the expense of giving and receiving nourishing love. In time this creates a condition of emotional frostbite in our lives. The wall of stress and pain that the heart creates acts as a barrier between you and the love you were born to experience. How could emotional issues like anxiety and panic not set in with such a condition of emotional isolation and even starvation? I remember the day I removed my Heart-Wall was the beginning of a new stage of life that I consider to be anxiety-free. Removing the Heart-Wall is the first lap on the fast track.
The second lap on the fast track to healing from anxiety is to remove any trapped emotions that have been causing the anxiety. If you are doing the work for yourself simply ask, “Is there a trapped emotion that I can release that is causing my anxiety?” If yes, then find out what it is, when it happened, and ask, “Do I need to know anything more about this trapped emotion to release it?” If not, then release the trapped emotion. If the answer is yes, without dwelling too much on the causative event, ask questions in a process of elimination such as, “Does it have to do with a relationship…an event…at home…at school” and so on. When you have sufficient information about the trapped emotion, release the trapped emotion. Release all trapped emotions associated with the anxiety until they are gone. My highest recommendation is to remove all trapped emotions from the body. I have seen lives completely transform upon the removal of the Heart-Wall and all trapped emotions.
Before discussing the third lap, may I say a word about rehearsing unhappiness? Your subconscious mind occasionally requires knowing some details about an event, but it is not necessary to rehearse, rehash or relive it. The most elegant part of The Emotion Code is that you do not need to rehearse the unhappiness that caused the trapped emotion in the first place. Trapped emotions do not serve our highest and best interests and slow down our momentum. Leave them in your dust!
The third lap is to do maintenance. We maintain our cars at the lube shop to keep them running efficiently. We need to do the same for our emotional lives. Life will continue to happen, and we will continue to experience emotional events. Every month check for and remove the beginnings of a new Heart-Wall and any trapped emotions that accumulate to keep you running as smoothly as possible.
Today can be the last day you allow anxiety to slow you down and rob you of your emotional strength by removing your Heart-Wall, releasing any trapped emotions causing the anxiety, removing all trapped emotions from the body if possible, and performing regular Heart-Wall and emotional maintenance to keep anxiety at bay so you can enjoy life to the fullest.
By Alisa Fisher, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner