An Alcoholic of 20 Years is Able to Stop Drinking After Releasing Her Heart-Wall

I was eager to release my Heart-Wall as soon as I watched that part of the seminar. It was made up of water that was 5 miles deep! I released 4 Trapped Emotions and it was gone. After I released the Trapped Emotions, I was expecting to feel this huge weight lift off my shoulders, but I felt nothing. Everything seemed normal. I thought, "Okay. Well, I'm new at this and I can try again." This was on January 3, 2013.
I am an alcoholic. I have struggled with alcoholism for 20 years. I have tried to stop many times. No matter how hard I tried to stop, nothing worked. The last drink I had before I released my Heart-Wall was two days before on New Year's Eve. I could usually go without drinking for about 3 days before I couldn't control the absolute need to have a drink. The next 2 days came and went. On January 6th I thought, "Wow, I haven't had a drink. I haven't even had the urge." Then I asked myself, "Do I feel and urge now to drink?" I didn't. In fact it was the exact opposite. I had no desire to drink. I knew at that moment that it was because I released my Heart-Wall. I thought, "Okay, let's see what happens next."
The next few days came and went with no desire. Then more days came and went with no desire to drink. Then, "Wow, maybe I can go a whole month without drinking." It has now been almost 3 months still with no desire to drink.
I feel amazing and I feel so fortunate and so blessed to have come across The Emotion Code. My life has completely flipped around for the better and I am so grateful. There are no words to describe the happy place that I'm in. It took all of 15 minutes, maybe less, to get rid of a terrible burden that could have destroyed my life and others around me. That was just the tip of the iceberg.
The Emotion Code to me is a new way of life. I'm so grateful to Dr. Nelson and all those who have made this possible. I can't wait to get certified and help others!
Velvet Brown ~ Jaffery, NH


An Aspiring Actor Finds Success After Proxy Emotion Code Sessions

I carried out some Emotion Code sessions with Tom while I was doing my case studies for The Emotion Code Certification Program. He was in LA and I am in the UK - therefore most of the sessions were done by email. I established that Tom had a Heart-Wall made of platinum that was 6 inches thick. It took two sessions to clear and along the way we released multiple trapped emotions of panic, indecisiveness, frustration and shock from three significant events in his life as well as a few other emotions.
Two months after these sessions Tom posted some feedback on my website (www.breamore.com) about how things have been for him. I feel that I can do no better than leave Tom's words to relate his experience:
"Hazel identified that I had a Heart-Wall. She mentioned that this may have been a cause for some blockage with my acting career. I agreed to have her do a couple sessions with this and I can truly say I am amazed at what has transpired since. I have had more auditions suddenly come in from seemingly out of nowhere - that is, I have effectively had 4 times the number of auditions than I normally was having over the past two months. Of those auditions, I have booked two lead roles, one of those being a national commercial.
"Though this is impressive in and of itself, what's more important to me, I have noticed, is the way people are now relating to me and I to them. It's as if, indeed, a "wall" has come down that was blocking me from being able to establish quick and genuine rapport with people when I first meet them. They, in turn, now seem to feel more comfortable with who I am and open up more easily. It's been a truly wonderful experience noticing the difference between what was happening before to what is happening now. Am I the same person before her work? I believe I am. Am I doing anything off-the-wall different than what I was doing before? No, I don't think so. But "something" did change and I feel as if I'm being "noticed" now. Consequently, my desire to want to be more engaging with people has dramatically increased (it "feels" easier to do now) and I'm much more comfortable doing so. This, I believe, is the real gift that Hazel's work has done for me and I am ever so grateful for her and her amazing work."
Hazel Markou ~ Berkshire, UK


The Emotion Code Transforms Previously Abused Shelter Dog

Three friends and I volunteer at Animal House, a no-kill shelter in Fort Collins, Colorado. We do energy work and The Emotion Code on the dogs Monday afternoons. Some of the dogs have been abused, are stressed to be in the shelter and we don't have much history on them. A lot of dogs at the shelter are what we call, "Shut Down": Disconnected, tails between their legs, shaking, in fear and in survival mode. This story is about a dog named Gracie who was "Shut Down."
Gracie is a cattle dog mix. She got out of her enclosure and was missing for five days. She had been sleeping in barns and the weather was very cold. When she was found she was in a very fearful state. She was already fearful due to past abuse and she was in such a state of shock that you could not approach her without her having an accident.
The first day we worked on her with a surrogate dog and did The Emotion Code by proxy. The emotions were fear, panic and abandonment as well as a Heart-Wall. The next week we worked on her again. Shock, fear and panic were released and from her body and her Heart-Wall. She started to come out of her fear stance, stopped shaking, looked around and started leaning against me.
We continue to work with Gracie, when she is at the shelter or by proxy if she is at home with a foster. She is learning to trust, still has some fear of men, but has become more relaxed and more connected and aware of her surroundings. With time she will learn to trust and will make a great companion. We are so thankful for The Emotion Code process. We are finding that the dogs at Animal House are shifting faster and the dogs we work on are adopted the week we work on them. Most dogs only need one or two sessions and they are free to be happy and connected and find their forever homes.
Elizabeth Carroll ~ Fort Collins, CO


After Emotion Code Skype Session, Doctor is Amazed at Cancer Patient's Improvement

Not long ago I found out that my college friend which I have not seen for almost 10 years fighting cancer. After listening to her life story it was so obvious to me that the main reason for her disease is more than 10 years of emotional abuse she suffered from. And even though she is not abused anymore and the tough times are over, she could not forgive and had a lot of anger and other low frequency emotions associated with this period of her life. We began working on her emotions by Skype. After several months her doctor was amazed by her test results and her mood change. She goes through the chemo now and takes it pretty good since we work every weekend on her. We removed emotional walls from several of her main organs. She is almost clean now, feels great, and we are waiting for her next scan test. Thank you, Dr. Nelson, for The Emotion Code and The Body Code systems. Additional thanks for this latest discovery of the walls that may be built not only around the heart but anywhere else in the body. It helps tremendously in working with stubborn issues. The Emotion Code practice became the passion of my life. It is so fulfilling to see the great result of this work, return of health and happiness to people! This work also developed my intuition to an extent I could not believe exists in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Brad and the entire team!
Lilia Safonov ~ Chicago, IL


The Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Smiling

In this short video, Ron Gutman explores studies about smiling, and reveals some surprising results.
“Recent research has shown that 1 smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as 2,000 bars of chocolate. The same study found that one smile is as stimulating as receiving $25,000 in cash.”



Tissues that are continually being distorted by a trapped emotion will eventually suffer the effects of it.

If you take a magnet and hold it close to an older tube-type television screen or computer monitor, you will see a very visible distortion of the picture. This is because the magnetic field is interfering with the normal flow of electrons within the screen. If you get the magnet too close, or if you leave the magnet there long enough, it will create a permanent distortion and will even ruin the screen!
Trapped emotions affect the body in a similar way. After all, the body is energy and so are trapped emotions. But trapped emotions are a negative energy which will distort the body’s tissues - just as the magnet distorts the picture on the TV screen. If the body's tissues are distorted long-term, then pain and malfunction will be the result. This is why the release of a trapped emotion will often cause immediate relief of discomfort and other symptoms, and possibly the reversal of some diseases.

- Dr. Bradley Nelson