What is Dowser Healing?

Dowser Healing
The work of a dowser-healer is to fully identify and remove the cause(s) of ill health.

We recognise that every person has a unique vibration and unique healing needs. As dowsers we can “communicate” with the body to establish the cause of any presenting problem and also identify what the body needs to repair damage. Such damage may be latent and not presenting itself at the current time.

A dowser-healer uses dowsing as a connection to the negative vibrations emanating from within and around a person’s body. Our body “knows” what the cause of any presenting health problem is, but this knowledge is often not available to us consciously. As dowser-healers we connect with the patient’s subconscious to seek answers to their problem.

Just like water dowsing can connect us with the vibrational frequency of underground water, health dowsing will connect us with the unique vibrational frequency of the patient’s body and identify the areas where that frequency is out of balance, creating disease or its symptoms.

In this context we do not recognise disease or diagnose problems in a conventional way – we focus fully on places of negative vibration as they relate to symptoms of ill health.

The work of a dowser-healer is therefore essentially twofold:
  • To find the underlying cause(s) of ill health
  • To apply vibrational medicine remedies to remove the cause(s)
Once we have identified the area of the body which is out of balance, we apply the selected remedy to effect recovery or relief.

We recognise that every cell, tissue, organ, gland and body system needs to vibrate at an ideal frequency for a person to achieve optimal health. Dowsing will establish if that ideal frequency is not being achieved. 

For example, we can dowse the working efficiency of the patient’s Digestive System to make sure it is at 100%. If not, we establish the actual % level of its working efficiency and where the weakness in vibration is. We could dowse the whole system or specific organs within it. If needed, we could enquire in the smallest detail about the efficient functioning of every organelle within the cells of the System.

When we find the problem area(s) we then prioritise and seek to establish the cause(s) of the weak or negative vibrations. These causes may be of many different types, such as a trauma, toxin, pathogen or inherited genetic weakness. Such items will often block a nutrient and through dowsing we establish which of these is being cut off. In this context we investigate whether the nutrient is being fully absorbed, utilised and then eliminated when its metabolic function is complete. This work will often negate the need for supplements as the body becomes fully able to access and utilise nutrients available within a well balanced diet.
Remedy Selection:

Through dowsing we identify which remedy is needed to remove the identified cause(s). Qualified practitioners from the Jack Temple Dowsing Academy have a large number of remedies available to them. For example, if we need to remove the negative energy of a toxin, then we have a choice of remedies that are suited to this task. Remedy availability and selection is critically important to this work and practitioners can select from over 2,500 different remedies that have been developed or collected over many years from all over the world. We only use natural sources of vibrational medicine (e.g. crystals, herbs, numerology, stone circles etc.). 
Remedy Application:

The remedies are then normally applied in tablet form on one of the meridians of acupuncture on the body so that the required vibration can resonate through the body to the target area. It is the relative strength of this specific subtle vibrational energy that will attract and displace the negative vibration which is causing ill-health. This work is therefore totally non intrusive.


Practitioners within our Association of Health Dowsers are graduates from the Jack Temple Dowsing Academy, which provides a Diploma in Vibrational Medicine after an intense course of study that focuses on all aspects of mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of optimal health.


The focus of this healing is subtle vibrational energy. In this context we utilise the beneficial aspects of most other complementary health practices. Indeed, a large number of our dowser-healers were originally trained in other alternative therapies such as Homeopathy or Acupuncture.

Each person and each situation is unique. Dowsing provides the precise and specific direction towards the remedial action required.

We treat the full range of illnesses and conditions from minor to severe or chronic. We often receive patients who have tried both conventional and other alternative therapies without success. Even if we may not be able to achieve 100% success, we can still make a big difference in terms of improvement and well being. 
As Jack Temple said in his book “The Healer”:

“From rich personal observation and experience I know that dowsing can help and work. I trust the powers of the natural things which surround us and I am both baffled by and proud of my ability to release their powers to heal.”

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