The Emotion Code Heals Family and Man's Health

My wife had a very long and difficult postpartum depression that took a toll on the whole family. My marriage would have definitely ended and my children would have been raised up in a broken family. The stress that I was under was also jeopardizing my life as well. Ultimately, it was The Emotion Code that helped heal my marriage and my health. My sister, who is like a real life angel, took The Emotion Code course kept telling me to phone a woman who is a practitioner. I was blown away from the results the very first time. I knew right then and there that this was my calling.
I've always had a very keen interest in alternative health care even though it has nothing to do with what I currently do for a living. I try to teach most everyone that I encounter about Trapped Emotions.
I have largely been blessed by being able to help so many appreciative, long suffering people—most of which have seen really good results—including a few that keep thanking me, calling their long time health issues, that have ended because of The Emotion Code, nothing short of a miracle.
It feels so nice to live in the realm of daily miracles, and I can only thank Dr. Nelson for what he has done for humanity.
Thank you, and the Healers Library staff.
~ Marco Bortolussi, King City, Ontario

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