Newfound Appreciation for Art After Removing Heart-Wall

I’d like to share my story of removing my Heart-Wall.
I am a Certified Body Code Practitioner. I’ve started removing my Heart-Wall, when I first got to know The Emotion Code 2 years ago. Back then, I tested strong for ‘no Heart-Wall’ after releasing a few Trapped Emotions from it. It stayed that way until only recently.
I recently made my first trip to Mount Shasta. It was enlightening in many ways. When I came back from that trip, while I was working on myself on another issue, I tested strong for a Heart-Wall. I couldn’t believe it, as I thought I said goodbye to my Heart-Wall once and for all. Then I found a series of Trapped Emotions that were created very recently, only 5 years ago at the most. It took me another 3 days to completely remove all what remained.
I went to an art exhibition on the following week. I hadn’t gone to any exhibition since I left my job as an art teacher almost 2 years ago. I left the school, as I did not like the environment, but I loved teaching art itself and working with children though! This exhibition was about a very financially successful artist, but I never felt his works had the depth I was looking for. I felt like it was a commodity. I was standing in front of a painting which I used to think was a shallow work of art, just a fashionable painting. But this time, I couldn’t move from the position I was standing. I felt ‘universe’ or ‘cosmos’ overwhelmingly. Yes, I was moved. I would never have realised the universe, the ultimate depth in his work, if I hadn’t removed my Heart-Wall. :)
So, I would like to say, this is what could happen to you when you remove your Heart-Wall. But I would also like to mention that it takes what it takes. In my case, it took me about 2 years, but for some it will be much more quicker or longer. I’ve had sessions with those who had what I call, 'Remains of Heart-Wall.' It will be released when you are ready. That’s how it is.
Now, I’m looking forward to ‘feel’ what I missed.
Kaeko Nakagawa ~ London, United Kingdom

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