I am sick and tired of so-called “doctors” their pockets stuffed with “Big Pharma Drug Lord ‘perks’, handing out prescription drugs like Halloween candy. They think they’re giving you a quick and easy fix for what ails you, but they’re really gambling with your life – they are poisoning you!
They are so quick to write you a prescription and move on to the next patient – lets be honest the next fee, that they don’t consider the potentially deadly ‘side’ effects. In truth ‘side’ effects is simply a “marketing spin” to make you feel safe. Their are no side effects; just effects. Every drug (medicine) mediSIN... is an experiment, because it’s never been in your body. But, your doctor wont tell you that... wanna know why? Because that was not a memorized pre-selected answer he/she had to memorize to put in blanks on an exam when in the “factory school” he/she attended.
Get Real!
The fact is profit - bloated drug lords are at the helm of our “health care” system. They exist to serve their bottom lines- not your health needs. They’re vested in your sickness - not your health. In truth it’s government supported ‘sick-care “ $$$...!!! We’re in the age of “conveyor-belt mediSIN”. The mediKILL system allows your doctor just enough time to give you a quick diagnosis meaning “split or divided knowledge literally a “best guess” followed by a prescription or a needless surgical procedure. Rarely does it allow you the time to discuss anything that could give you a true foundation for “good health” and, ironically enough, even if your doctor did take the time to do this, the advice would probably be way off base. Doctors typically know little to nothing about health.
They are highly paid, highly respected, legalized drug pushing, “Puppets”. If doctors don’t prescribe enough drugs or surgeries ($) on a monthly basis, they are on the radar and could lose the legal right to practice. I know of doctors this has happened to.
If doctors knew about, or were concerned with your health there wouldn’t be the rampant over-prescribing of prescription drugs. Not only is it adding a tremendous burden on misnamed health care system (sick-care) the “side” effects are making people sicker than they were to begin with.
Frankly, I’m sick of it. I can’t stand doctors who are willing to sell their souls to line their pockets. Don’t be naive to think your doctor isn’t one of them. Now I'm not saying that there aren't sincere Doctors... but they're simply not taught about true health and healing and in my opinion they're sincerely wrong.
Even the surgeon general of the United States has announced “we are the sickliest generation of Americans to have even lived”. If doctors of the “pre tense science” in mediSIN knew what they were doing why is there more disease every year not less? More cancers, more heart disease, more diabetes, more dead babies, more ADD, more muscular dystrophy, MS, skin diseases and on and on and on... ad nauseum?
Did you know that in the dark ages we had a society in which “witches” (mostly females) were burnt at the stakes for practicing alternative treatments in the form of herbs and ancient wisdom. Today the “witches” still exist, but now they call themselves chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths and practitioners of alternative medicine. All of these modern ‘Witches’, Natural whole foodies, raw foodies, fastings, essential oils, etc. Are still as drastically hunted as they were in the dark ages.
Why? It is in these areas that the real Epi-Cures and natural health can be found? If you understand today’s Modern Health-Care agenda’s then it's easy to see that these “witches” are some of the industries worst enemies, be-cause they halt the genocide of the world population. By giving poisoned vaccines and vaccines that will decrease our immune system, people get sick and die before theirtime. When people get sick, they go to the doctor who in re-turn, gives them toxic chemical drugs from the Lords of the Drug Companies, which will eventually hammer the last nail into their coffins. With this in mind, one can clearly understand why natural holistic fasting and whole food medicine is ridiculed, legislated against and hunted wherever it shows up.
Phewww that feels better! Rant Over!
"Cowboy" Don

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