The Finishing Touch of Healing" The Emotion Code Transforms Autistic Child

Amy they say is autistic I have been working on her for several years now doing Reiki and other energy work with a friend of mine. Before we started working on her she used to beat her parents up on a regular basis, couldn't feed herself, couldn't bathe or go to the bathroom on her own, couldn't carry on a conversation and hated to get into the car to go anywhere.
We have been working on Amy now for at least 6 years. We have made much progress with her because now she can feed herself, takes care of her personal needs, stopped beating on her parents. Even though we accomplished many things with Amy, we still could see that she wasn't happy or joyful and didn't smile much. We just never seemed to be able to give her what she needed to be truly happy.
Then one day I listened to a talk show I subscribed to and there was Dr. Bradley Nelson talking about The Emotion Code. The interviewer asked how it worked so he asked her if she had any pain. She said she had pain in her neck for quite a few years and had gone for many treatment with different doctors and had done treatments with other therapies. Dr. Brad started asking questions using the chart and I was amazed to see that he was able to release the pain just by using this Emotion Chart and releasing it without her even being there. That sold me on the idea and I just had to get The Emotion Code and later The Body Code.
I bought it in April and have been using it on Amy two times a week since then. We have released many Trapped Emotions from her and the more we released, the more her eyes sparkled and the calmer she got. Her mother was so impressed with the whole process and wanted us to work on her too.
When we measured Amy's Heart-Wall it went out to 850 feet. We found that it was made of cement blocks. It took about 4 sessions to release the Heart-Wall completely. When we were done releasing her Heart-Wall we noticed she was starting to enjoy life more, her eyes sparkled. Her mother would hear her singing away and laughing and talking more than she ever did. She is now very pleasant to be around.
The beauty of The Emotion Code is that it was the finishing touch of the healing—where I felt we were stuck doing the same thing over and over again to get her back on track when she would start to loose it. With The Emotion Code we got rid of all Trapped Emotions and the Heart-Wall and it has truly made all the difference in the world. Now she will go weeks without getting new Trapped Emotions. We can actually tell now when she has Trapped Emotions so I just whip out the chart and get rid of them and she is back to her self again.
I now use The Emotion Code on all my clients with great success.
Thank you, Dr. Bradley Nelson, for giving us this awesome tool! It certainly is the time to be using it!

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