Signs that you were meant to be a Spiritual Healer

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The path to success is never easy, especially when you’re searching for your purpose or calling in this life. While there are thousands of different jobs available in the business market today, the occupation of spiritual healing might seem so intriguing, interesting, and rewarding to you that you can’t fathom the idea of settling for yet another mundane office job or uninspiring side gig.
Spiritual healing, or the form of treatment through meditation or prayer, energy manipulation, and emotion balancing, is used by practitioners the world over to help ease people of emotional, physical, and mental ailments. As much of an art as a skill, spiritual healers are remarkably unique individuals who possess distinct characteristics that aid in their healing abilities.

If you’re interested in becoming a spiritual healer, check out this extensive list of 40 traits commonly found in professionals of holistic health and alternative healing.

1. You’re highly empathetic
You naturally absorb the energies of others to a point where you physically experience anxious and depressive emotions and feelings. Because of this hypersensitivity, being surrounded by large crowds and loud places can often feel uncomfortable.

2. You’re sensitive
Though it may be one of your greatest gifts, being overly sensitive can often make you feel like you’re drowning in emotions that may not necessarily be your own. Healers are able to channel these emotions and energies toward healing and recovery.

3. It’s in your blood
Spiritual healing is a trait that runs strong in genetics. Being a healer might be your calling if you have family members in healing professions like:

Physical therapists
Massage therapists
Doctors and nurses
Social workers
Community activists
Not only do these occupations require empathy, sympathy, and understanding, but they also aid in the betterment of life for all beings.

4. You’ve got life experiences
The best healers have typically worked through their own trials, tribulations, heartaches, and hard times. By drawing on the lessons and growth you’ve learned from these experiences, you’ll be able to assist others on their own paths to personal healing.

5. You can read others
You’re highly intuitive and have an uncanny ability to read people. Whether you’ve met someone for just a few moments or have known them for years, your traits as a natural healer enable you to dial in on the attributes, emotions, and energies of others.

6. You choose the natural route
When you or someone around you falls ill, you turn to holistic remedies and natural treatments for a cure. You’re frequently reminding yourself and others that it’s often easier to prevent illness than it is to treat it, and are mindful of staying in a constant healthy state.

7. You don’t get lost in the details
Instead of focusing on minor, rather insignificant details, you think big. From relationships and professional projects to life goals and travel plans, you use “big picture” thinking to ensure optimal results.

8. You like being alone
Regardless of your passion to help, heal, and love people, frequently being around others can drain you of your energy. Because of your sensitivity to the emotions and energies of other people, you enjoy being alone and require independent quiet time to recharge.

9. Helping people is your purpose
Most spiritual healers feel that their sole purpose on this earth is to help and heal others. If you feel this way - like helping others is your only job and any money earned is simply an added benefit - consider investing your skills and passions into the art of spiritual healing.

10. You’ve suffered from mental health issues
No, you don’t have to be certifiably crazy to qualify as a spiritual healer, but researchers have found that many successful healers tend to struggle with mental afflictions like depression and/or anxiety. These cognitive issues tend to arise in healers because fitting into the fast-paced, ever-competitive world can feel impossible and exhausting.

11. You can point out patterns
Odd as it may seem, noticing and perceiving patterns is a sign of healing abilities. If you’re able to quickly and easily identify patterns in virtually everything - it may not be just a simple coincidence; it may be a sign you’re a healer!

12. You’re an outsider
Unlike some people who yearn to be the center of attention, included in all the going-ons, and at the forefront of social events, you’ve always tended to be an outsider and have felt like an outcast for a majority of your life.

13. You are an introvert
As a healer, you are a multi-dimensional being who has the power to dial in to both the seen and the unseen world. This can sometimes make navigating the seen, conscious world difficult to navigate, which prompts you to withdraw and be more introverted than most.

14. You know when someone is suffering
As we just mentioned, many healers are able to navigate between two worlds that the average person isn’t. Because of this, you have a keen ability to identify when someone is suffering. Without speaking to them or observing any blatant, indicative actions, you can simply feel and sense when someone is struggling with trapped energies and emotions.

15. You’re interested in healing techniques
From muscle testing and energy healing to chakra balancing and releasing Trapped Emotions, the vast and various spiritual healing techniques captivate you. Whether you’ve tried your hand at them already or are simply drawn to the different methods and styles, learning about different ways to heal others sparks your interest.

16. You connect with animals
Regardless of if you currently own a pet or have a deep desire to own one, your connection with animals is undeniable. Like people who are vulnerable to their emotions, feelings, and experiences, animals are often helpless when it comes to communicating wants and needs. Furthermore, you - like many animals - have heightened senses that enhance your ability to help and heal.

17. You’re a peacemaker
Your uncanny ability to maintain peace in hostile, volatile situations is a prime sign of your healing powers. Whether people come to you or you seek out others, your peacemaking skills make you a go-to source for tranquility, understanding, and harmony.

18. You don’t see in black and white
Instead of categorizing everything, seeing things in black and white or as right and wrong, you think in shades of grey. This trait allows you not only to connect with others on a deeper spiritual level, but it also enables you to reach levels of understanding that others can’t.

19. People are drawn to you
Despite your introverted predisposition, your energy draws people to you. Children, especially, and those in need are drawn to your openness and non-judgemental character. Your calm demeanor and deeply empathetic spirit make people gravitate to you with emotional baggage and discomfort.

20. You’re different than those you surround yourself with
Though we are all unique and different in our own ways, as a spiritual healer, your differences stand out immensely from your friends and those you surround yourself with. Not only do you think and act differently, but you also have very different hobbies and prefer to spend your free time in other ways.

21. You’ve experienced emotional trauma
As crushing, horrifying, and heartbreaking as emotional trauma can be, it can also heighten your senses and improve your ability to heal. Whether you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, a life-threatening disease, war, abuse, or near-death occurrence, the trauma can help you help others.

22. You have vivid dreams
Spiritual healers tend to have notably vivid dreams and nightmares. Your hypersensitivity to emotions and energies can often have a profound effect on your subconscious as you sleep.

23. You can control your own energy
Being able to control the energy in and around yourself is another trait of spiritual healing. Unlike others who have little control over their emotions and energies, you have the ability not only to distinguish between energies, but you can also alter and adjust them to aid in your own personal healing as well as the healing of those around you.

24. You have physical sensations you can’t explain
Do you frequently suffer from headaches, sore shoulders, or other physical ailments?  Do you or have you experienced chronic, inexplicable pain? If so, you may be displaying common symptoms of an energy healer.

25. You put the needs of others before yourself
In an undying effort to help others and eliminate the pain and suffering that another person might be feeling, you often put your own needs or other important factors on the back burner. Regardless of the repercussions, inconveniences, or risk of loss for yourself, you’re impulse is to give, help, ease, and comfort.

26. People turn to you for advice
People are attracted to your energy in a way that makes you a target for people needing advice, guidance, and help in life. Regardless of your confidence and ability to find your purpose or answer your own pressing questions, you’re excellent at guiding others through the ups and downs of life.

27. You’re feel spurred to show others deeper levels of consciousness
Do you feel a shift happening in our global consciousness? Do you feel a natural inclination to help those around you reach deeper levels of spiritual and emotional understanding? If so, you’re likely displaying healing characteristics.

28. You can sense changes in weather
As a natural healer, your heightened sense of energies allows you to notice small details that others don’t. The weather, for example, is something that you find yourself being able to detect sooner than the average person. This trait, called weather sensitivity, is often possessed by most natural energy healers.

29. You listen to hear
Communicating with people can be a challenge, especially if you’re talking with someone who listens to you, but doesn’t actually hear what you’re saying. As an empath with a natural inclination to help people, you are a superb listener who has the ability to hear what others are saying. Because of this, you can achieve a better understanding of who they are, what their needs are, and how you can help.

30. You make people happy
Along with your goal to help the wants and needs of others, you also have a deep-rooted desire to ease people of their pain and boost happiness. When someone is sad, blue, upset, or depressed, your healing instincts help to rectify the situation.

31. Nature is your solitude
As a bridge between nature and humans, you tend to feel most at home when you’re surrounded by nature. Whether it be meditating in the mountains, reading by the river, or walking along the seashore, the more time you’re able to spend in the natural world, the better your abilities to heal become.

32. You have uniquely spiritual superpowers
You’ve had or frequently have healing visions or find you can heal people with just the touch of your hands. Maybe you have experienced psychic powers or have been able to communicate telepathically with others. These don’t make you a crazy person; they make you a natural spiritual healer.

33. You’re easily exhausted
As a compassionate, empathetic person, you’re constantly hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, and sensing things that others aren’t. You feed off of and even personally feel the emotions or pain other others, which can make being in social situations extremely taxing. Because of this, you often find yourself exhausted after a day of being around and interacting with others.

34. You’re drawn to holistic happenings
Your inclination to help and heal others has probably lead you down various holistic paths or have prompted you to live a non-traditional lifestyle. Whether you have a collection of healing gemstones or have spent a lot of time at holistic retreats, you’re always looking for ways to boost your knowledge and abilities of spiritual healing.

35. Doctor’s aren’t your thing
Because of your inclination to heal and treat ailments in a holistic manner, you tend to maintain optimal health and rarely need to go to the doctor for medical treatment.

36. You have a knack for leadership
Despite your preference to spend time alone and avoid big groups, as a healer you have a natural ability to lead and don’t shy away from an opportunity to lead others - especially when it involves anything surrounding healing and enlightenment.

37. Strangers open up to you
Along with friends, family, and acquaintances who turn to you for help, you’re also often approached by strangers or have spark conversations with new individuals and find them opening up to you in a matter of moments. Again, your energy as a healer draws these people to you in hopes you can offer healing.

38. Children are drawn to you
You enjoy spending time with children and find that kids who are particularly withdrawn or shy feel more comfortable and less reluctant in your presence.

39. You’re always gauging the mood
You walk into a room and immediately assess the mood or vibe of the individuals in it. Whether you’re at a family gathering or a work event, your impulse to gauge the overall mood is actually your natural skills engaging in energetic pinging that can be used to quickly read another’s energy.

40. You’re excited to be a healer
Perhaps the most important characteristic of spiritual healers is their undying passion for healing. As a healer yourself, you’re constantly excited about the concept of using energy and holistic methods to treat an array of physical, mental, and emotional ailments.

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