Nurse Amazed at Rectal Cancer Healing Progress After Body Code Sessions

A friend, Rick, had rectal cancer. I had arranged to come and do The Body Code work with him one evening. It turned out that this was the lowest day of his life as the pain from the radiation was burning worse and worse. He couldn't sleep and had to watch what he ate as his bowels were very loose and he was urinating frequently. Life was the absolute pits for him.
Very quickly after I began The Body Code session, the pain left completely and he was so happy. Because I didn't know when I would return to his town to see him again, I worked for three hours until his body said we were done.
Two days later the burnt angry red skin on the lower front of his body was a healthy looking pink colour and the tissues in his rectal areas were covered in new skin. He was eating normally and having normal bowel movements. Also, he was sleeping much much better and urinating less frequently. He showed the healing tissues to his neighbour, a nurse, and she said it should have taken at least another 5-6 weeks for that much healing to take place.
Last week he called me to tell me he had another biopsy done and he is completely cancer free. What a wonderful miracle! I am so honoured to have helped him to recover.
Pam Robinson ~ Ontario, Canada

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