Listening When the Body Talks

Written by Brian Withers
Understanding the Body as a Whole
This week I saw a movie and it struck me as odd that some of the movie script had the actors talking about finding a cure for disease in the cells, that is, working with the physical body to “cure” it. It’s interesting that in the year 2014 there still is the notion that a body is a separate self-contained object like a gasoline motor for example. The motor of course is a separate physical mechanical object where parts can physically wear out and stop performing. We can identify a specific part that has to be replaced, replace it and get back to “normal” operation. I am prepared to say that although the motor is physical and mechanical, its performance is still influenced by the law of vibration but that is for another article. Back on track, the body of course is a little more intricate piece of machinery, not usually so straight forward to identify why a specific part or function has stopped working as nature intended. Western medicine attempts to treat the body like the motor in replacing parts, adapting the body with surgery, treating it with drugs and so on. As we are seeing more and more, these are ineffective or come at a high cost in one way or another. Perhaps understanding that a gasoline motor and a human body require different maintenance approaches where a motor is a human invention where we know all of the parts and all about what happens for the motor to work. The body however, is not a human invention and without understanding its total dynamic, both body and mind, how complete can any remedy be? What is the relationship between mind and body in terms of the workings of our life, the state of our health?
Don't Shoot the Messenger
I propose that rather than looking at the body as a collection of cells deciding for themselves what to do, that cells are more akin to shadows that simply respond to frequencies within the subconscious mind (or our energy field). If the frequency is in its natural state then the cell is also operating in its natural state. However, if the frequency is off then the cell is off and becomes a messenger to sound the alarm on that specific out of balance frequency. Did you ever hear the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger?" That phrase indicates that you can do anything you want to the messenger but it is not going to change the message that was brought. No matter what action you take on the messenger, it will not solve your issue. We know that to deal with the issue, we have to understand what’s going on. The only way to know that is to listen to the message. Therefore, we need to be thankful for and listen very clearly to what that messenger is saying. It is the only way that we will know what needs to be corrected. Picture this. In medieval times, a rider came up to a castle hollering and making a commotion that he had a message. Would it have made sense for the castle people to silence him, ignore him or would it have been more effective to listen? Let’s say they didn't listen and just ignored him. Let’s say his message was that an army was a short distance away and was coming to lay siege on the castle. What would have been the impact of ignoring that message? Let’s say that they did listen to him but then they just sat him down with some spirits to calm him down and disregarded the message. What would have been the impact of this? Let’s say they got angry and killed him. What would have been the impact of this? In all of these cases, they would have lost the message and the opportunity to prepare, make changes and defend their fort, and save their lives. A few days later they would all have been slain and the castle would have been in ruins.
Listen and Act on the Message
Does this sound similar in our own battle for health? We have aches, pains, malfunctions, energy loss etc. These are the messages we get through the cells of our body (the messenger). We do everything to resolve the message by working on the messenger (our body). However, just like in the medieval story, we can do whatever we like to the cells of the body--we can cut them out, we can contain them, we can stimulate them with different therapies and we can drench them with drugs as though we were bounding and gagging a messenger--but what is this really doing? How is it helping us? It may bring temporary relief, but all we are really doing is preventing ourselves from getting the important message. We need that message! It is going to tell us what inner imbalance we need to correct. Once we make the correction, the body can turn off the alarm and return to its natural functioning. There is actually nothing “wrong” with the body when it hurts. It’s just giving us the message to help us correct what needs to be corrected. When we hear people say they are sick, they could just as much say, “My body is in an alarm state because I have an imbalance.” The messenger is so valuable to give us the message that points us in the right direction of the cause, why would we ever want to do anything with that messenger other than to listen (and ask questions)?
The Body Alerts Us to an Imbalance
Not only is it significant that the body alerts us to an imbalance, but each part of the body and the type of message given point to specific frequencies that are causing the imbalance. These frequencies can be translated to represent situations in everyday life, such as: 1) Erroneous beliefs about our self giving us a distorted self image like “I am worthless”, or “Nobody listens to me,” 2) Erroneous beliefs about life such as “money is hard to come by” or “people are out to get me,” 3) Fears of not having enough, being left out etc., 4) Emotions related to the previous three points such as insecurity, worthless, guilt, despair etc. There are other types of frequency imbalances but emotional based frequency imbalances account for the majority. Just take a quick review of your life and think about how much emotional downtime we have. That “stuff” is not nothing. It is something and it carries an energetic frequency. These can get trapped in our energy field from any time in our life and when they do, the messenger rides at full speed to deliver the message because nature does not want these imbalances to exist in your field. You are unique with a purpose, gifts and talents and nature's intent is for you to express these and serve others. The further you get off track from your true self and purpose, more and increasingly severe messages you will get.
Ask and Listen
The next time you hear the messenger, be sure to ask and then listen. What is this telling me? What do I need to know? If you need help, The Emotion Code and The Body Code are wonderful tools to communicate with the messenger, trace the message, and allow the subconscious mind to reveal and release the imbalance. You can also help yourself by raising your vibration with your daily choices. As you introduce higher vibrations into your subconscious, you will find that the messenger needs to go out much less often to sound the alarm in your body. If you need help with getting a handle on those daily vibrations I have a program called "20 Weeks to a Higher Vibration – Taking Charge of Your Life."
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