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The Body Code can not only help you to find your ultimate health and success, but it can also be the ultimate career for you. We've asked Body Code Practitioner, Angela Hanna, some questions about how The Body Code is working out for her and her clients. Please find more information about becoming Body Code certified by clicking here, and if you would like a session from Angela Hanna please scroll to the bottom of our interview to find her contact info.

Have you learned more about energy healing and health in general since becoming Body Code certified?
Absolutely, The Body Code Certification teaches how to better understand energy healing through the six main imbalances categories and their subsystems and so forth. I personally loved the section about nutrition in general and how the toxins that people ingest on a daily basis like food additives can contribute to a host of diseases and illnesses. In the Certification Program you are taught how to find nutritional deficiencies and test dosages. There is just so much information, this is a great opportunity for learning more about health in general and how we can help ourselves, our families and our clients live happier, healthier and more vibrant lives.
How did your Emotion Code certification prepare you to become a Body Code Practitioner?
The Emotion Code Certification provided me the basic format and practices for working with my clients but most of all it gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a Body Code Certification.
Do you feel the Body Code certification program prepared you to take clients?
There was no question that from the moment I picked up The Emotion Code book I felt a strange pull to do this work. I even had a dream that validated my calling. When I made the decision to become certified in The Body Code, I thought that if I was going to do this, I wanted to make sure that it was indeed in accordance with God’s will for me. So, I thought I would put myself out there and take on 85-90% new individuals, people I had never seen nor worked with.
The first new session I did I was uncomfortable and I felt a bit anxious but the more new candidates that came along the more comfortable and confident I became, simply because here were these people I had never met before and I was making a huge difference in their lives. Often times they became emotional as they remembered and released an event that had caused an imbalance in their energy system. It was so incredibly rewarding to witness the healing take place right before my eyes. My advice to those doing their Body Code Certification is take as many new candidates as you can.
Do you have any Body Code session stories of helping a client with their issue and could you outline the highlights of what you did to help them, not everything you found, but the highlights?
This is a funny one. I had a client in her 60's who would wake up 4-5 times a night to use the washroom, to her surprise her husband would already be up using the washroom himself. Every time she had to go, there he was using it. She had not mentioned to me any of this but only told me that she experienced a discomfort in her lower abdomen mainly on the left side. Without any further information I found she had been corded to her husband from bladder to bladder. I corrected this, and then I asked if there were any emotional issues underlying this cording. It turns out she absorbed the emotion of Indecisiveness from him. The next session she told me that the discomfort in her abdomen was gone and that she was able to sleep through the night. She also laughed as she told me her husband sleeps on his left side.
Another story is of a 24 year old woman who had attempted suicide several times. Her major complaints were Anger and Depression. On a scale from 1-10 she rated her anger at 11. She said she wanted to wrap her car around a pole she was so angry. She sat with crossed arms in front of her Skype screen and looked at me condescendingly wondering what she got herself into with these sessions. There was a Post Hypnotic Suggestion of "I am nothing" and she told me that she felt she was not heard nor seen by others around herself. We found some other relevant imbalances throughout the session and released and corrected, and by the end of the session she had softened and had tears in her eyes and thanked me sincerely. In our next session she no longer had any anger or depression issues.
My last story is a 50 year old woman from India. She was experiencing sharp pains in her back just below the right lung. She had great difficulty with mobility. The major cause of this pain was a Saboteur. You see she had been in an arranged marriage that failed. There were some ill feelings between her ex and herself. After the session the pain had lessened but was still there. This is what she wrote to me next day "Due to the pain on my lower back getting up was difficult. After the session pain was mild and next morning getting up was easier and no pain at all. To be honest reading and understanding is different from the actual experience. It is indeed a miracle. You did not waste time and fully utilized the time to help me out to the max. Sincerely thank you for the beautiful healing experience."
There are so many more stories but for now I will stop here.
Do you notice any differences in yourself since becoming Body Code certified?
Of course, the validation from my clients is enough to give me the confidence I need to continue with this work knowing that I am an instrument. I feel truly grateful and blessed to be that conduit in the process of healing my fellow beings.
How about your clients, do you notice a difference in them in comparison to when you just use The Emotion Code?
Yes, The Body Code goes right down to the root of the issue. I have found in some cases there could be many underlying causes to one imbalance. Then there may be underlying issues to those underlying issues, but, how amazing when we get to the root and finally pull it out and release it. At this point 9 times out of 10 the client becomes well aware of cause as their subconscious brings it to the surface. The healing then takes place. I can't think of anything more profound. The Body Code offers a deeper level of healing and my clients can feel it.
In your experience what does The Body Code do better than any other healing tool out there?
As I mentioned earlier, The Body Code gets to the root of the Imbalance/Dis-ease quickly, safely and efficiently. I have found nothing else out there that is that precise, quick or effective. In my opinion The Body Code is, and should be, the first course of intervention for everything that ails or just to achieve more balance and harmony in any area of life. It is that thorough!
Would you encourage Emotion Code practitioners to learn The Body Code, and why?
Yes, I would. Those that are certified in The Emotion Code know and understand the incredible effect it has on their clients. Now imagine being able to delve even further and explore yet more and in doing so being able to bring your clients' healing to a higher level, raising their vibration even higher and transforming their lives completely. I would say this is not an exaggeration but an accurate view of the transformation my Emotion Code clients have experienced after we added the Body Code to their sessions.

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