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Rachelle Delorey is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and now we are thrilled that she is also a Certified Body Code Practitioner! To welcome her to practicing The Body Code, we've asked her a few questions about her experience with our Certification Program and The Body Code thus far.

How did your Emotion Code certification prepare you to become a Body Code Practitioner?
The Emotion Code Certification Program really helped me to understand the foundation of this amazing modality. It is very easy to understand and apply the technique and definitely prepared me for the more in-depth program with The Body Code.
Do you feel the Body Code certification program prepared you to take clients?
I totally agree that The Body Code Certification Program indeed prepared me with the many hours of training and putting into practice the lessons that I have learned. Certification also shows that Dr. Nelson endorses that we understand and will share with the world this beautiful gift and it has brought many clients.
Do you have a Body Code session story of helping a client with a specific issue that you could outline the highlights of what you did to heal that client?
I worked with a client that had many issues, including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, stenosis, a chronic sleeping disorder and was bed-ridden from using lots of medication. After releasing many trapped emotions and imbalances, I asked her specifically about her pain from fibromyalgia, she said, "Wow, I just realized that I had barely any pain for the last two weeks and have not been needing to sleep as much as I normally did. Even a car ride of about 1.5 hours would have me in bed for a couple of days. This works like magic." She mentioned that she never realized she was not in pain until I asked how she was doing.
Do you notice any differences in yourself since becoming Body Code certified?
The differences in myself since I became a Certified Body Code Practitioner are huge! I have more confidence and I am more open to intuitive guidance. I know the work I do is helping Dr. Nelson's mission of making a better world and I am totally in for this mission.
Do you notice a difference in using The Body Code on your clients as compared to when you just used The Emotion Code?
With my clients I do notice the difference in them compared to when I was just using The Emotion Code. They are so much more interested and wanting to know how we can pin-point when imbalances happened in their lives. Many times they would say, "Wow! How could you have known such a thing when you know nothing of my life?" They share with their friends the experience that they had with me. Which is a huge bonus!
In your experience, what does The Body Code do better than any other healing tool out there?
I could speak on that for a very long time. I have taken about a dozen different healing modality courses in the last seven years, and in my honest opinion, nothing comes close to what The Body Code does. It gets straight to the point. I do not need to spend 1.5 hours doing a healing on a client that can be done in a whole lot less time and they can relate to what I have released from them. Most people do not quite understand how energy works and how I am able to release trapped emotions and imbalances while I am in Canada and they are in Texas, but they do understand when we mention an emotion and at what age the emotion roughly happened.
Have you learned more about energy healing and health in general since becoming Body Code certified?
I can honestly say that yes, I did learn more about energy healing and health in general by becoming a Certified Body Code Practitioner. Nothing that I have ever learned has ever gone into as great detail of the 6 imbalances that can occur in the body and affect our health. It takes so much less energy. When it comes to being connected to God (or in whatever you believe) as an intuitive partner, simply ask the subconscious and the answer will be given to you.
Would you encourage Emotion Code practitioners to learn The Body Code?
I would highly recommend Emotion Code Practitioners to learn The Body Code as it offers so much more for yourself and the client. It is so in-depth and wonderful and you can help yourself, family, friends and clients. When the passion is in your heart to help others, this next step comes naturally!

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