The Body Code has literally saved my life

The Body Code has literally saved my life. At age 36 I was diagnosed with stage 4 heart failure and underwent emergency open heart surgery to replace 2 heart valves. Unfortunately, my health spiraled downward from that point on. Nothing the medical profession was doing was helping, it was just making things worse and I was dying. After realizing I had spent eleven months out of twelve on bedrest, I knew I need to do something else.
I started researching ways to naturally heal. Slowly the Lord guided me to people who shared what they knew about natural healing. One person knew The Emotion Code and did a session with me. I was hooked immediately and read the book and started learning what I could about The Body Code.
I was told I would need heart surgery again by the end of 2014. By getting rid of the imbalances and Trapped Emotions, the Lord has blessed me with a miracle. June 2014, I could barely walk about my home. In July 2014, I was told I needed surgery again and to go home and become stronger. I was not strong enough physically to withstand surgery. I continued to use The Body Code and put my trust in God. In August I felt a physical change take place and new my heart had been healed. Instantly I could increase my activity. In November I had another echocardiogram. It came back perfectly normal.
I know The Body Code helped make this happen. I am stronger, happier and healthier than I have ever been and so is my family. Thank you so much.
LaNeice Smith ~ Ogden, UT

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