Sometimes Excess Weight Really is Just Armor


I could go on and on about how The Body Code has changed my life and my family's lives!! It truly is AMAZING!! But what I wanted to share was an, "Ah-ha!" moment I had today. I attended the Weight Loss Premium Members Webinar yesterday and used the suggested questions to clear blockages to releasing excess weight. I have to drink more water and am deficient in Vitamin B12. "That's it?" I thought. I've struggled with weight my whole life and NOTHING would work to get it off! I know these are two important factors but there has to be more!
The webinar mentioned excess weight as an armour. That resonated with me so I went to The Emotion Code chart to find out what was making up my armour. I didn't have a Heart-Wall—I cleared that a long time ago—then it dawned on me...I have a BODY WALL!!! After muscle testing, I realized my "armour" was actually a 5 foot concrete wall that I've been "building" since I was 6 years old! It consisted of all the emotions in Column B, Row 6 which are directly related to glands and sexual organs (aka hormones! HELLO!) and all the emotions in Column B, Row 2 which are related to stomach and spleen. I have had tremendous amounts of stomach issues since I was young. I cleared two more additional emotions and BAM! My Body Wall is gone! I also had to clear some emotions around what I will look when I release this weight ( saggy, old etc.) but I muscle tested my goal weight and if my body is ready, safe and willing to release this weight and its a strong YES!! I'm so excited! I've never felt this optimistic that this is even possible. Thank you so much Dr. Nelson (and team) for this AMAZING tool!
Corina ~ Alberta, Canada

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