Sooth a Child's Stomach Ache Within Seconds? It's Possible with The Body Code!

Yesterday my little 5 year old got a tummy ache right before karate, so his brother went to class and we sat outside with a trash can and he was in hysterics—worried he would vomit (he never did). He also cried because he missed karate and he was so looking forward to it. Then at home he spent another hour and a half sitting near the toilet crying and crying. I rubbed some ginger, fennel and peppermint oil on his tummy, then cleared some Trapped Emotions—Fear of vomiting, Guilt and some others. Then I felt prompted to get my Body Code binders out. I haven't opened them at all yet or watched the DVDs (I'm waiting until my Emotion Code Certification is all done with.) So I kind of just winged it, but I cleared an imbalance and a virus and a bacteria and like magic he smiled and said, "I feel better Mommy!" After whining and crying and freaking out for 3 hours, he skipped over to the couch and laid down and watched Pokemon. Wow! I can't wait to dive into The Body Code and take things up a notch!
Shannon Flores ~ Los Angeles, CA

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