A Surprising Side Effect of The Emotion Code: Saving Your Marriage!

I must start by saying my husband and I have been married for just over 20 years. And while we have always had a very good relationship, last few years have been very challenging in every aspect of life. We had become so stressed in life that we didn't even like each other anymore! We were on the verge on needlessly ending our marriage. And while buying your program was not with the intention to save our marriage, as I had no idea it could, we both went through the program.
My husband had been working out of town and suddenly we were missing each other and communicating more and with much more affection and consideration towards each other. Obviously the feelings were there all along but were so buried. The Emotion Code was so freeing. I didn't realize how much I had turned myself off and had become a non-feeling person!
I am a new better me! My marriage is better than ever and emotionally I feel liberated. I can't really express to you the dramatic positive turn around this program has given us both. Thank you for ALL that you do to bring this information into the lives of others.
Sarita ~ Forney, Texas

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