An Aspiring Actor Finds Success After Proxy Emotion Code Sessions

I carried out some Emotion Code sessions with Tom while I was doing my case studies for The Emotion Code Certification Program. He was in LA and I am in the UK - therefore most of the sessions were done by email. I established that Tom had a Heart-Wall made of platinum that was 6 inches thick. It took two sessions to clear and along the way we released multiple trapped emotions of panic, indecisiveness, frustration and shock from three significant events in his life as well as a few other emotions.
Two months after these sessions Tom posted some feedback on my website (www.breamore.com) about how things have been for him. I feel that I can do no better than leave Tom's words to relate his experience:
"Hazel identified that I had a Heart-Wall. She mentioned that this may have been a cause for some blockage with my acting career. I agreed to have her do a couple sessions with this and I can truly say I am amazed at what has transpired since. I have had more auditions suddenly come in from seemingly out of nowhere - that is, I have effectively had 4 times the number of auditions than I normally was having over the past two months. Of those auditions, I have booked two lead roles, one of those being a national commercial.
"Though this is impressive in and of itself, what's more important to me, I have noticed, is the way people are now relating to me and I to them. It's as if, indeed, a "wall" has come down that was blocking me from being able to establish quick and genuine rapport with people when I first meet them. They, in turn, now seem to feel more comfortable with who I am and open up more easily. It's been a truly wonderful experience noticing the difference between what was happening before to what is happening now. Am I the same person before her work? I believe I am. Am I doing anything off-the-wall different than what I was doing before? No, I don't think so. But "something" did change and I feel as if I'm being "noticed" now. Consequently, my desire to want to be more engaging with people has dramatically increased (it "feels" easier to do now) and I'm much more comfortable doing so. This, I believe, is the real gift that Hazel's work has done for me and I am ever so grateful for her and her amazing work."
Hazel Markou ~ Berkshire, UK

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