After Emotion Code Skype Session, Doctor is Amazed at Cancer Patient's Improvement

Not long ago I found out that my college friend which I have not seen for almost 10 years fighting cancer. After listening to her life story it was so obvious to me that the main reason for her disease is more than 10 years of emotional abuse she suffered from. And even though she is not abused anymore and the tough times are over, she could not forgive and had a lot of anger and other low frequency emotions associated with this period of her life. We began working on her emotions by Skype. After several months her doctor was amazed by her test results and her mood change. She goes through the chemo now and takes it pretty good since we work every weekend on her. We removed emotional walls from several of her main organs. She is almost clean now, feels great, and we are waiting for her next scan test. Thank you, Dr. Nelson, for The Emotion Code and The Body Code systems. Additional thanks for this latest discovery of the walls that may be built not only around the heart but anywhere else in the body. It helps tremendously in working with stubborn issues. The Emotion Code practice became the passion of my life. It is so fulfilling to see the great result of this work, return of health and happiness to people! This work also developed my intuition to an extent I could not believe exists in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Brad and the entire team!
Lilia Safonov ~ Chicago, IL

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