Loving all parts of us, even the ones we were taught to hate

Very recently I had the opportunity to attend two of De Demartini's lectures in Cyprus and I was absolutely inspired from what I saw and learned. This is not about Infatuation or about putting people on pedestals and minimizing our selves. In fact, the very thing I am talking about was among pillars of his talks, explaining clearly that the very things that we admire in people, we have all of them inside us, but we are too humble to admit it. The same goes for the things we hate in others, we too have all of those traits inside us. We are all that and if we believe that Unconditional Love should be our ultimate quest, then we should love all our parts, not only the half of them, that we have been taught to love. The reason for that being is that everybody that we see around us, is mirroring something about us, otherwise he would not be around us. Putting people on pedestals or hating other people, is a pure act of not seeing the essence of what we have before us, because the very things we love or hate, are simply inside us! Where else could they possibly be? In Joe Vitale's words '' we are like a walking movie projector and all we see around us , is nothing else, but a reflection of our self. It is so simple! If we really want to change anything that we see around us, the process is quite clear and straight forward, we have to change our selves. I am not saying that is easy, far from that, bust instead of trying to change seven billion people that live in the world today, would not be much easier, to change our selves? Think about it, it is a no brainer! We admire Mother Teresa , Nelson Mandela and Einstein lets say, because we have those traits inside us, the love, the kindness, the cleverness and all the rest. Similarly we hate people like Hitler, Stalin or Musolini because in some parts of our lives, a part of our personality, have acted in a dictating, harsh and imposing manner, consciously or unconsciously. The great Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said that our greatest accomplishment would be to see ourselves in every single person in the world, own that knowledge and not believe that what we see as something separate. Accept every person as it is and never forget that in a strange magical way, that person is in fact you after all! Conflict arises only when we disown things or certain attributes. By understanding that we are all that and that we own everything, nothing anyone would say at us, could possibly upset us. How could we ever be upset from something something that we have inside us? We are everything, the good and bad, nice and mean, the pretty and ugly, the ups and downs, the positive and negative, yes we are all that. The magnet always has two sides, it would not function otherwise

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