Current Vibrational Frequency

As you deliberately look for positive aspects in others who surround you, you will train your Vibrational propensity into increasing improved Vibrations. So it does not matter how many negative thoughts you have thought before, or how long you have been negatively focused. You can deliberately focus—right now—on an improved thought.
Because the Law of Attraction is responding to your current thought, more thoughts like that current thought are most likely to come into focus for you. In other words, the Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself, is drawn) will continue to dish up for you more and more thoughts that match your current Vibrational frequency. And so, the more you deliberately choose better-feeling thoughts, the more easy and ready access you will have to much better-feeling
We teach meditation because it is actually easier, in some situations, to help you find “no thought” than to find a positive thought. . . . There is no better path to wonderful, meaningful, good-feeling relationships than the combination of a daily meditation—allowing your Vibration to find its natural balance—and the deliberate focusing upon positive aspects.
--- Abraham

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