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Med Beds 🌟
1. Benefits of health. Med Beds can fix patients’ medical problems to restore an individual’s body to its ideal state.
2. Organs on new growth Beds can replace or grow limbs and organs.
3. New bones and healing For those who have a prosthesis, the prosthesis will be removed by the bed and dissolved so that a beneficial cure can be carried out.
4. Surgery. surgeries on med beds will produce immediate results. For example, a baseball pitcher who needs surgery could enter a medical bed and be ready to pitch immediately after treatment. Actually they be ready to launch before they wake up and get out of that medical bed.
5. Give us the VAX. Beds can reverse the damage caused by the vax, however those who are not vaccinated and have natural injuries, their injuries will be prioritized.
6. Cardiac patients. Med beds cure heart problems of all types.
7. Addictions. Yes. Yes. Addictions can be cured. But people will still have to investigate why they became addicted in the first place.
8. Taking apart the surgical parts The beds will dissolve any surgically added piece and repair the damage, returning the body to healthy state before problems began.
9. Chemotherapy . Med Bed not only heals the damage caused by chemotherapy, but also restores the body to complete health by eliminating all abnormal growths.
10. Allergies Allergies will be kicking it.
11. Dentistry. All dental issues will be fixed. And the teeth will come back on. Teeth will also be straightened if necessary.
12. Overweight. Yes yes you can get back to your ideal weight
13. Sight and Hearing. - Yes. - Yes. Your vision and hearing can return to its ideal state.
Falls can be fixed too.
14. Scars. Scars will be mended and gone.
15. Schizophrenia. Mental issues can be repaired.
16. Autistic. Autistic children can be helped to heal.
17. Spelling. Orthopedic issues like bone adjustment and bone correction will also be addressed.
18. Depression. DEPRESSION will gradually be helped. Eventually, an individual will have to deal with trauma in a positive way. There will be many spiritually trained counselors, both human and non-human, to help anyone with depression.
19. Improvements. Med beds can make someone more empathetic, intelligent etc. You can also learn/download additional languages However, it's important to have a reason to use the improvements you request to download. For example, there would be no reason to download all the languages on this planet if you don't plan on using them. And a big part of the experience on this planet is the process of learning the knowledge you need.
Twenty. Perfect health. Beds will restore your body to optimal health.
21. Healing the mind. When you heal the mind you heal the body.
22. Vitality. Med beds give people optimal health back. If you are 80 years old, for example, you will have the best health at 80. That does not mean you will be as agile and fit as you are 30. Age regression is possible to extend your life. Not everyone will be approved for Aging backwards. Not something you take lightly. It will be approved for the right purposes.
23. Issues since birth. Beds can fix problems that occurred right at birth.
24. DNA. Med Beds will reverse gene expressions that are disabled, such as MTHFR, estrogen dominance, and methylation problems with detoxification and DNA cleansing.
1. Hair. You can change your hair color and hair growth.
2. Careful. You can change the color of your eyes Vision and eye problems can also be repaired.
3. Height. However, your height can only be changed under extreme circumstances
4. Gender. Med Beds can change gender to their original gender if you want.
5. Memories. All memories will return if submitted.
6. Tattoos. Med beds can remove tattoos
7. Teeth. Teeth can straighten and grow again.
8. Smoke out. Med Beds can repair the damage caused by years of smoking.
9. Knowledge. Information can be downloaded. Any information can be downloaded to your brain, including other languages. However, part of the human experience is the acquisition of knowledge.
via Sofia Dimovska

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