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The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: "We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison."
Glen Warner, M.D., Oncologist
“The balance of medical power remained equal until the turn of the century. Then, new medical treatments emerged that were potentially very profitable. The AMA joined with strong financial forces to transform medicine into an industry. The fortunes of Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller financed surgery, radiation, and synthetic drugs. They were to become the economic foundations of the new medical economy...
‘The takeover of the medical industry was accomplished by the takeover of the medical schools. Well – the people that we’re talking about – Rockefeller and Carnegie, in particular – came to the picture and said “we will put up money.” They offered tremendous amounts of money to the schools that would agree to cooperate with them. The donor said to the schools… “we’re giving you all this money. Now, would it be too much to ask if we could put some of our people on your Board of Directors to see that our money is being spent wisely?”
Almost overnight, all of the major universities received large grants from these sources and also accepted one, two, or three of these people that I mentioned on their Board of Directors. And the schools literally were taken over by the financial interests that put up the money…
Now, what happened as a result of that is that the schools did receive an infusion of money. They were able to build new buildings. They were able to add expensive equipment to their laboratories. They were able to hire top-notch teachers. But at the same time as doing that, they skewed the whole thing in the direction of pharmaceutical drugs. That was the efficiency in philanthropy.
The doctors from that point forward in history would be taught pharmaceutical drugs. All of the great teaching institutions of America were captured by the pharmaceutical interests in this fashion. And it’s amazing how little money it took to do it.’ --- G. Edward Griffin

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