After forty years of Fear, she found Peace

I have been using The Emotion Code on myself and my clients now for almost 1.5 years. Here is an amazing healing: a woman, who is now 82 years old had, a very fearful experience when she was 38. While driving home one night, with her 2 small children, in a rural area of Hawaii, she realized there was a car full of men following her. Soon they tried to run her off the road, she was terrified, but was able to get away from them and get home safely with her children unharmed. Since then, for 44 yrs she said every night before she goes to sleep, she feels the fear and can see the faces of those men!
After one Emotion Code session, 10 released Trapped Emotions later she was free. She called me 2 days later to say that the day after her session, she was just thinking about going to bed and the fear came up so strong she could feel the presence of those men in her room. That lasted a couple of minutes and then it was over and she hasn't experienced the fear ever again! She said she can think about the incident but there's no fear or emotional charge! Wow thank you Dr. Nelson for this amazing healing modality!
Linda Wakeman ~ Miami, Florida

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