Do Mind and Body exist as separate Entities?

A holistic approach believes that the mind and body do not exist as separate entities. Each one has a powerful influence on the other and one cannot exist without the other. Mind-body medicine is gaining ground and even some medical practitioners are realizing the limitations of taking a telescopic view of the human condition.
How do we relate this to weight loss? Obesity is as much a state of mind as it is a physical state. I do not mean it is imagined or that you can simply wish it away. It means getting in touch with your inner self and connecting with every aspect of yourself, both conscious and unconscious.
It means relating to yourself intimately and discovering your basic beliefs and assumptions about yourself and the world in general; examining your world view and finding out how you perceive yourself in relation to other people, to your environment and to life’s circumstances. More than what you really are, being overweight or obese is about who you think you are.
(This is a selection from the book ‘FEEL GREAT, LOSE WEIGHT’ by Andreas Moritz)

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